The Adventure of the Cat's Eye

Part 11

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Moriarty chuckled to himself as he contemplated his latest scheme. He already had the flowers. Now all he needed was a witty little verse that would provide a clue. He didn't want Inspector Lestrade to get complacent during her time off, and she would be too embarrassed to go to Holmes for help solving this particular problem.
"Tell me, William," he drawled softly, "what sort of poetry you think our New Scotland Yard zealot would like."
He glanced up to see William Church giving him an odd look. Well, let him think he had gone mad. Those flowers were not ordinary, in fact they had a rather...distinct scent to them.
"Well," William said, carefully choosing his words, "I didn't think any of them liked poetry. Especially not her."
Moriarty smiled thinly. "Yes," he said, his voice now cold, "that is because you do not look beyond your prejudices. A major flaw in this line of work. Always assume that your opponent has some trick up his or her sleeve, no matter how imbecilic they may seem." He paused to let his words sink in. Before he could continue, Fenwick came barging into the room.
"Fenwick," Moriarty said, "did I not tell you there were to be no interruptions?"
The disfigured geneticist nodded. "Yes, Master, but Kesso is here. He says it is urgent."
Moriarty raised an eyebrow. "You may leave, William. And don't forget what we talked about." He waited until William was gone, then turned his attention back to Fenwick. "Well, what are you waiting for, moron? Go and send Kesso up."
This was troubling news. Kesso was Moriarty's best spy, and currently he held a position of leadership with a fairly new organization called the Eye of Sauron. The spy never left a post unless he had either taken it down from the inside, or Moriarty deemed an organization no threat. Either way, there would be many communications, and Kesso had only been at this post for six months, not even long enough to send the first report.
Very few minutes had passed before the tall figure of Kesso Lestrade strode into the room. He looked very much like his twin sister; he even had the lighter streaks of hair and the ferret-like dark eyes. Moriarty smiled in greeting. Kesso looked relaxed, but he was excellent at hiding his emotions.
Kesso nodded in acknowledgement of the greeting, then placed a ruby with a silver backing and a datapad on Moriarty's desk. Moriarty scanned quickly over the data, then waved it aside.
"Are you certain no one knows you've come here?" he asked, his voice harsher than he had intended.
Kesso took no offense. "Yes, sir," he said. Unlike his sister, he had a slight accent that he could deepen when he needed to. "I am the only outsider these people trust. Especially since I found the Cat's Eye for them."
Moriarty nodded thougtfully. "Yes, found it and then lost it. There is no way to locate this Toutarien?" At Kesso's firm negative he went on, "And what did you do with the other two children and the robot?"
"Sent them to the other place. They'll probably be killed immediately by those barbarians." Kesso's voice held a slight sneer to it. "A pity really. I don't like hurting children."
Moriarty smiled grimly. "Yes. However you forgot the fact that Sherlock Holmes has a vested interest in those particular children," he scolded, "and there is no guarantee that he does not have his hand in this whole mess, judging by the information Watson was sent to gather. Holmes never does anything without reason."
He leaned back in his chair and regarded the spy. "Why exactly do your superiors want the Cat's Eye? With these..." He swept his hand over the ruby. "...surely they can do whatever is necessary to take this barbarian world over?"
Kesso frowned. "I... am not certain," he began hesitantly, "But I believe it is because they want all of the gems. There were six in all."
"Simple greed?" Moriarty mused, "Perhaps. However I think it is more likely there is something different about this...Cat's Eye. Something that the leaders of the Eye of Sauron know about but aren't telling any under their command, not even their most trusted."
Moriarty sat for a while in thought. From they way the other five were gathered, he concluded that the leaders were searching, and that it was by chance that they came up with the others. No, they were looking specifically for the Cat's Eye. Now, if he could find this gem... He leaned forward suddenly, "Tell me, Kesso, what you know of this world, and your impressions of it..."

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