The Story of Cassie Holmes

Part 3

by Kelsey (harry_potter00910 at
It took awhile to make Cassie understand that she had to let go of her mother. Then, finally, she did.
"Okay, Cassie, do you have all your stuff ready and packed?" I asked my daughter.
"Yup!" Cassie said, "and I also got another thing too!"
Cassie had my detective suit on and she looked funny! The hat was over one of her eyes. I thought she looked cute with that hat over her eye.
"You're silly, Cassie," I told her. Watson laughed too! We all did!
Cassie, Watson and I were waiting at the docks for the ship to come in. After about fifteen minutes it was there. Cassie's eyes widened as she saw the ship.
"OK, everybody on the boat! First Class first!" said the captain of the ship. Cassie, Watson and I were some of the people in First Class so we got to go on first. All of a sudden I thought I saw Moriarty and thought to myself to stay near my daughter as much as possable!
Then we were on the boat.The ship crew below untied the boat from the dock and we were on our way home.


Cassie, Watson and I went down for dinner. Cassie loves dinner the most because it's always warm food! Cassie and I are grilled cheese lovers... but they didn't have any.
When dinner was done it was 8:56 because Cassie and I wanted to dance after. This is when my life changes I thought.


Cassie asked me if she could go out and look at the water and I said yes, totally forgetting that Moriarty was on the boat.
On the way Cassie saw a boy about her age -- maybe five years of age. "Hi," she said.
The boy turned around and looked at her and smiled. "Hi! My name is Tie. What's yours?" asked tie
"Cassie," she replied.
Tie went into shock. "You should go back to your cabin, Cassie. My father was the one who killed your mother -- and I had nothing to do with it!" said Tie.
"I didn't say you did. Anyway. Why did your father kill my mother??" asked Cassie.
"Because he had a crush on ,i>your mother and then your father won her love. He was mad and said he would get her for this. Then when he knew that you were born he said he would kill you too, when the time is right...whatever that means," replied Tie.
"So you're not going to kill me??" Cassie asked, scared.
"Of course not, silly. Why would I kill someone as nice as you?" Tie asked, going closer to Cassie.
Tie took Cassie's hand and kissed her on the cheek.Cassie kissed him back like Tie and her were in love for years. It was cute and they both knew they loved each other...but Moriarty saw and got mad and ran toward Cassie and lifted her up by her shirt....
Luckily Watson was out there and ran to tell me.
"Finally I can kill you, Cassie Holmes, and your father isn't here to save you," said Moriarty.
Tie didn't like the looks of this, and I didn't either, when I finally got there. "Let go of my daughter!!" I yelled.
"Too late, Holmes!" Moriarty put Cassie over the freezing waters below and took out the dagger that killed Maddison and stuck it in her heart!
My eyes started to fill with tears, hearing my daughter screaming in pain. I couldn't move. Then Moriarty let go of my daughter over the boat and took the dagger out of her heart so she could die quicker.
I ran to the edge of the boat. "NO! CASSIE!" I screamed...but it was too late -- she was gone. The only thing she left behind was her mother's scarf that I held closer to my heart. I fell down on my knees and cried and cried. My daughter was gone forever...or was she??

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