The Story of Cassie Holmes

Part 2

by Kelsey (harry_potter00910 at

One Year Later...

Cassie woke up to a unpleasant sound and indeed it was unpleasant. The sound came from our room but she knew that I wasn't the one in danger. It could only mean one thing...Maddison. Cassie ran to her mother as fast as she could and there she saw Moriarty right above her mother. Cassie stood there without moving an inch, but Cassie had an angry face as she gave Moriarty the evil eye. He had a sharp knife in his hands. Cassie's eyes opened wider than ever. Within a split second he killed her. Cassie fell down on her knees and started to cry.
I ran up as soon as I could and asked, "What's wrong?" She didn't answer. I went to the bed and saw blood all over the pillow and started to cry.
I knew Cassie was upset, but she never saw blood before. Really, why was she crying? I went over and hugged my daughter close to my heart and promised her two things. "Cassie, I promise that I will never marry anybody else." And to myself, Cassie, I also promise you that I will always protect you from anything.
That day changed our lives. The next year we would be going back to London,At first Cassie refused to go....

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