The Adventure of the Young Visitor

Part 9

by Black Wolf (blacklab2000_2000 at
Rebecca took a deep breath and touched the silver talon at her throat for luck. "You okay, kid?" asked Lestrade with a look of concern.
"Yeah. As soon as I turn into a wolf I'll grab your badge and get out of here, okay? The only reason I'm telling you is so I don't completely scare you out of your wits in these shadows," she replied bravely.
Lestrade nodded; she understood everything and she had to admit this kid had guts.
Rebecca visualized her wolf form and in an eyeblink was a wolf. She was in an awkward position for a four-legged creature and easily slipped through the bindings and shook off the handcuffs. She pranced through the dimly lit room, exercising her stiff legs, then went over to be in front of Lestrade.
Lestrade gasped, then slowly smiled, as the beautiful coal black wolf nuzzled her hand. ZED, THIS IS NUTS! she thought. The wolf gently picked up the badge in its mouth and went over to the door. It set the badge down gently and pawed the door several times, then finally bit the lock.
"Fetima Sunclaw! It's locked," said Rebecca, who had turned human again. She took the silver talon from her neck and began to pick the lock.
"You can pick locks?" goggled Lestrade in awe.
"Uh, well, my uncle was a thief and I kinda fell into his business one summer; never was caught, though. I'd appreciate it if you'd keep that bit of info under wraps," she said, slightly embarrassed.
Lestrade bit her lip. This kid was a trained thief, too! Rebecca turned wolf and started to slip out the door with the badge when Lestrade got her attention. "Hey kid," she started, The wolf looked at her with ears errect in the manner of a wolf, "Good luck." As Rebecca slipped out the door and into the corridor, Lestrade thought to herself, Lord, I hope she knows what she's doing. Then again, I hope I know what I'm doing.
Rebecca walked down the corridor and turned human long enough to put the badge in her pocket. The Inspector will skin me alive if I let anything happen to it, she thought. She walked down the corridor as a wolf, looking for an exit. Any exit: a window, door, anything. Suddenly as she was rounding a corner she couaght the smell of oil in her snout.Droids! she thought and quickly dashed into the shadows; her night-black fur would hide her, hopefully.
Just then three war droids rounded the bend. One of the droids' heads swiveled on its frame and its eyes stuck on the wolf. It fired; she just managed to get away. I forgot they probably have night vision! she thought. She was being chased by droids down the hall, her tail being close to blown off with each shot, and she was running full speed down the hall when her luck ran out. Fenwick! He was closing a door when she ran past him.
"HOW DID THAT GIRL GET OUT?!?!" he screamed, and threw a grenade.
BOOM! That explosion knocked Rebecca off her feet and around another corner.
"No matter. I'll use the controller!" she heard Fenwick cackle.
Rebecca waited for the familiar tingle in her muscles, but it didn't come. Lestrade was right!
"What's the matter with this hunk of junk? IT SHOULD WORK!" Fenwick shouted. He threw the controller on the ground and ran after Rebecca, throwing grenades all the while.
"FENWICK!" Rebecca heard Moriarty yell,"If she makes it out of here, she'll tell Holmes! Kill her if you have to -- just make sure she dosen't get out of here!"
Rebecca was trying to dodge every shot but she couldn't dodge them all. Her tail was badly singed now and the pads on her paws hurt; she couldn't run much longer when she rounded a corner to find windows! She ran along looking at them, dodging grenades and other fire. Each window was barred and the corridor stopped up ahead. It looked like this wolf wouldn't make it. She was at the end of the corridor, backed up against the wall, when she spied a window that wasn't barred.
Lestrade heard explosions and a tear rolled down her cheek. The kid was dead. She was sure of it. Moriarty had killed that kid, the last of the Wolffe family. She liked that kid, really. Zed, if that kid had to stay in this year forever she would've probably adopted her or something. Another tear rolled down her cheek, and Lestrade got a grip. Rebecca said if you showed pain to your enemy, that's giving your enemy what they wanted. She wouldn't give Moriarty what he wanted; she would fight to the end, for the kid's sake. She went to the door and began to use the doorknob to saw through her ropes.
Meanwhile, Rebecca wasn't dead, at least not yet. There was no choice: jump through the heavily glassed window or wait for Fenwick's grenades. She jumped just as Fenwick threw four of his grenades, creating a deadly explosion. Through a hail of fire and glass, Rebecca sailed through the window and landed on the pavement, where she lay still.
"That is the end of the wolf!" cackled Fenwick as he saw the beautiful black wolf sprawled out on the pavement. Fire was burning from spare bits of wood and glass pieces were everywhere.
Fenwick had left and it was safe now. Rebecca shook her head and got up groggily. Her paws hurt. She looked down and saw that her paws were full of glass shards and were bleeding freely. She licked them and stepped forward. She left bloody pawprints -- great, they could track her. Rebecca tried as best she could to hide the bloodied prints. then dashed towards a darkened alley. She glanced back at the tracks of blood. She would have to take a hard route through New London so she couldn't be so easily tracked. Her nose twitched as she caught the scent of lamp oil.
LAMP OIL! Only Holmes used lamp oil because he was most probably the only one who used a Victorian-era lamp. She had the scent and the path ahead of her; it was time to find Holmes! She sprang forward, ignoring the pain in her paws, and melted into the night as she ran.

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