The Adventure of the Young Visitor

Part 8

by Black Wolf (blacklab2000_2000 at
It had now been several hours and the lighted dial on Lestrade's watch told her that in a few more minutes even Moriarty should be more than fast asleep. But Lestrade was wondering -- would her plan work? In a few more mintutes she would find out.
Why is Moriarty so attached to Rebecca? she thought. I mean, yeah, it's an amazing ability but he acted like he was her father or something. Then again, that's a good thing. Maybe if we don't make it out of this she won't be killed.
Bad idea; don't think about the 'what ifs', Lestrade. Concentrate.
"All right, I think we can talk now without those idiots hearing us." Lestrade turned her head as best she could to talk to Rebecca. She always looked straight into the eyes of kids when she was talking to them, a habit she felt made them listen.
"So, what is it we've gotta do?" Rebecca asked briefly, not even looking at Lestrade.
"Well, that... thing Moriarty's got is some kind of controller. He can make us do whatever he wants and we can't do anything."
"How can he do this to us? I mean how does this controller work?" asked Rebecca.
"While you were knocked out, Fenwick came in and gave us both a shot of something. I would've done something but I was too weak. You said something when he pricked you...." Lestrade trailed off.
"Er...ya, I thought Frightful was on my shoulder. She sometimes gets a bit restless and likes to squeeze her talons into my shoulder when I'm sleeping," mumbled Rebecca, rather embarrassed by her denial. "Oh. Well, anyway, that syringe had to have something in it to make us do what the controller wants. When we went up to New Scotland Yard, Watson found out that it could make any human do whatever the controller wants them to. THAT'S where you come in."
Rebecca shook her head in bewilderment."I think I see what you're getting at, but please enlighten me."
"You can turn into a wolf and get out of here! See, it only controls a human. They probably went really lax on security because Moriarty's got the control thing, so if I tried to escape he could just walk me back in here. You can be a wolf, which technically is not human, so you can go get Holmes and tell him about Moriarty's device," explained Lestrade.
"But I keep my human mind when I'm a wolf, sorta, I think like both a wolf and a human, kinda like having a second sense, almost. Will that make any difference?" asked Rebecca.
Lestrade shook her head and answered,"It shouldn't, but if you start to think Moriarty's controlling you, don't resist it, okay? You'll probably end up killing yourself in the process. Just give up and I think he'll go easy on you. So do you think you ca...." Lestrade was cut off by the sound of Moriarty and Fenwick talking.
"Fenwick, for the last time! We use the girl and Ms. Lestrade to get to Holmes, who will get to Greyson, and Greyson will get to the the next person in the command chain, and so on. Eventually we will get to all the world leaders, understand?" asked the voice of Moriarty.
"But please, Master, we can control these two because of the Speech and Motion Device, but what about the others? How will we control them?" asked Fenwick's voice timidly.
"So sorry, master, so sorry," Fenwick said. "Should I go to the main computer and see that all systems are correctly functioning?"
"Fine, but I am coming. YOU will probably cause the system to crash!" answered Moriarty.
The pair waited several minutes before resuming their conversation. "Close one, kid. Anyway, can you do it?" asked Lestrade. "All you have to do is get out of here and tell Holmes Moriarty's plan without getting killed."
"Yes." That was all Rebecca said.
Lestrade saw a glint, more of a fire, in those sapphire blue eyes -- one of determination. "I'll need proof you're alive though," said Rebecca. "Perhaps your badge will do it."
"My badge? Holmes will know I'm alive, with or without proof," said Lestrade. She thought about that for a moment, then realized that Holmes probably did think she was dead.
Rebecca must've noticed this and said, "The curcumstances under which we were kidnapped were extreme. He would most probably give us up for dead if we were not found alive in a few days."
"All right, but if that thing is tarnished when I get it back I'm pinning the blame on you," she sighed.
Rebecca nodded. The mission she was about to undertake was a dangerous one. One she might not live through.

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