The Adventure of the Young Visitor

Part 7

by Black Wolf (blacklab2000_2000 at
While Holmes was at Baker Street, Lestrade and Rebecca were in less than friendly surroundings.
Where am I? thought Rebecca. And more importantly, is this a dream? Rebecca was yet again doubting that her memories of fighting Moriarty's goons and turning into a wolf were real. Is this really a dream? she thought. It all seemed so real. She was now human but was still partially unconscious; with her eyes closed her mind swirled with information. Maybe this is real! she thought yet again. Maybe I did do all that stuff.
Her right shoulder pained. Her heart dropped. This was a dream; Frightful, her pet falcon, was, as usual, pecking her shoulder to get up and come play.
"Later, Frightful. I'm tired," she mumbled, as she slipped into the darkness at the edges of her mind.
Minutes later Rebecca felt something wrestling with her hand. She sighed, still not opening her eyes, wanting to drift off to sleep again. She knew what or rather who was messing with her hand. It was probably just Chance, her Labrador Retriever, wanting her to get up and feed him.
"All right, Chance, I'm getting up." She opened one bleary eye.
She expected to see her cozy living room with Chance staring up at her expecting food and Frightful preening her jet black wing feathers on top of her perch, but instead she saw a room with nothing in it. She tried to get up but noticed she was tied to a chair with her hands handcuffed behind her back. She turned her head around to get a better look. There, sitting with her back to her, was Inspector Beth Lestrade!
Lestrade turned her head around as best she could. "Who's Chance and who's Frightful?" she asked quizzically.
"Well, Frightful's my pet peregrine falcon and Chance is a black Labrador Retriever. I tamed Frightful; she hunts for me. And Chance, well, let's just say he thinks I'm pack."
There the only family I've got." she explained quickly.
Lestrade nodded sadly. She knew what it was like to have no family. She had lost all hers except for her brother at age 13. This kid was tough; she had put up with all that hardship and even tamed a wild falcon! "I hate to ruin the moment -- but then again i don't!" said a voice from somewhere in the shadows.
The handcuffs and bindings fell away. Lestrade jumped up and looked around, searching for the speaker.
"I believe, Miss Lestrade, that you already know of what has befallen you and your...gifted young friend. So let's see here...who will win, Lestrade or your shape-shifting friend?" laughed the voice.
Suddenly Lestrade lashed out with a kick at none other than Rebecca!
"What are you doing!" Rebecca shouted.
"Oh, she can't help it, little girl; she is under my control now. Oh yes this will be fun!" the voice snickered.
Rebecca leaped just in time to miss a punch to the stomach. Lestrade was gritting her teeth and trying hard to resist whatever or whoever was controlling her.
Suddenly Rebecca's muscles tingled with an eerie sensation and before she knew it, she was tackling Lestrade. Lestrade caught her in the stomach and Rebecca fell back.
"Blast it all! How do you make her transform?" screamed the voice, "How do you make her do that!" The voice was still controlling Rebecca and Lestrade, making them fight each other, without mercy. Continually they were made to fight until....
"Master! Master! I have thought of a way!" said another voice.
The muscle tingling stopped and both Lestrade and Rebecca collapsed completely exhausted.
"Blast you, Fenwick!" yelled the first voice, "I thought I told you we would do it my way!"
"So sorry, Master, but why not let the girl go back and get Holmes?" said the second voice, Fenwick.
"No, Fenwick, we stick to my original plans," said the much calmer first voice, Moriarty. "But the machine cannot work now that you have disturbed me. I will have to wait a while before we resume the.....battle."
Almost from nowhere, gas was emitted from the ceiling, making both Lestrade and Rebecca paralyzed for a few moments. In those moments Fenwick handcuffed and bound the captives back to back in the chairs again.
Moriarty stepped out of the mist, apparently not taking any affect on him and Fenwick. "Miss Lestrade, good to see you again. Ah, but it seems I have not met your...unusual young friend." Moriarty took Rebecca's chin in his palm gently and spoke, "You have quite a fiery spirit young lady, I like that. And I also like your ability. Perhaps you will survive your little fight with Miss Lestrade here.
"Of course, if you do survive, your talents can be used for more fitting purposes. Perhaps I can 'train' you to fetch me New London!" he joked. "Yes, this is quite what I have been waiting for, my dear. You shall have whatever you desire if you obey."
Rebecca tore her chin from his grasp. "What I want you can never give," she said solemnly.
"You will obey the Master!" said Fenwick, slapping her in the face.
"She will obey, Fenwick, but you shall not harm her!" Moriarty bellowed.
Rebecca, though with a painful red mark on her cheek, did not make a sound. She did not cry or shout; she just stared at a wall, not heeding a word he said. Moriarty walked out of the room, taking a very sullen-faced Fenwick with him.
Lestrade stared back at Rebecca; she was still staring at the wall. "If you want you can cry or something, I won't tell," she said, sadly prepared for a burst of tears.
"That's what they want. Never show your enemy your weak side; if you do you're finished," she replied simply.
Lestrade stared for a second, then replied, "I think I know how we can get out of here. But we have to wait until it gets dark. According to my watch it's only 5:00, so we've got a wait ahead of us. I can't tell you until then but you're the key part."
"What do you mean 'I'm the key part'?" asked a puzzled Rebecca.
"Later; Fenwick or Moriarty may be listening," whispered Lestrade.
From then on it was quiet; it was too risky to talk until the sun went down. and by then Moriarty and Fenwick would be asleep. Rebecca, totally exhausted from the battle between them, slept a little.
I hope Lestrade knows what she's doing because I sure don't, she thought. I just wish that Moriarty guy wasn't so creepy.

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