The Adventure of the Young Visitor

Part 6

by Black Wolf (blacklab2000_2000 at
When Holmes regained consciousness he was in familiar surroundings.How did I get home? thought Holmes. Sherlock Holmes was indeed at 221b Baker Street. Holmes sat up and was rewarded with dizziness that forced him to lie down again.
"Try to lie still, Holmes," said Watson, who appeared at the doorway to the study."That ionizer Moriarty used is quite powerful."
Holmes sighed then looked around, hoping to see his other friends. "Where are Lestrade and Rebecca, Watson?" he said with a worried glance around the room.
Watson shook his head sadly. "I'm afraid Moriarty got away with them. By the time I arrived, he and the others were gone."
"Tell me everything!" he demanded.
Watson then related all that had happened to Holmes. Apparently by the time Watson had arrived at the scene, Lestrade and Rebecca were gone and only Holmes remained. The flames, by that time, were running out of control and Watson called the fire squad after taking Holmes back to his flat.
"This is very interesting, Watson," Holmes said. "Why should Moriarty take just the others and leave me, the one he wanted in the first place? He had me for sure and yet he left me, knowing that I would no doubt survive the incident." Holmes clutched his head and winced in pain.
"Holmes, if you don't take a rest you'll kill yourself!" said Watson worriedly. "That ionizer has a special build. It makes sure the person attacked will be unable to do much for a full 24 hours."
"But Lestrade......and Rebecca...." he replied.
"If you do not rest I can make you," threatened the compudroid.
Holmes smiled and laid back on the sofa. He knew as well as Watson that he would do no such thing as long as he lived [or used up a battery]. He closed his eyes and tried to tell himself it would be all right and that they were alive and well.
No use. The vision of Lestrade being dragged to a hovercar kept popping up. And for some reason or another the vision of a great shaggy black wolf running away from a machine. He understood that Rebecca had the ability to turn into a wolf, but why the machine? Why did that keep popping up?
Finally, after several hours of thinking and pondering all the information swirling in his brain, Holmes drifted off to sleep. Perhaps Watson will let me actually get up after I sleep awhile, thought Holmes as he yawned.

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