The Adventure of the Young Visitor

Part 5

by Black Wolf (blacklab2000_2000 at
The sound of an approaching hovercar broke the stillness of the crisp New London air. Rebecca appeared at the storage building's entrance. Her eyes flashed in the direction of Holmes and Lestrade. Hide! she thought. Hide, you can get a surprise attack!
Holmes pulled Lestrade's sleeve and pointed at Rebecca, who in turn bounded a few steps toward some abandoned metal and looked back. Lestrade nodded and ran towards the metal . The hovercar's engine could be plainly heard by now and no sooner had Holmes and Lestrade made it to cover had the hovercar landed.
Rebecca had turned back into a human and was peering over the top of the scrap metal. It was Moriarty! He and 2 red colored robots were breaking into the building.
"Stupid...idiotic...ah, Zed!" Lestrade muttered under her breath. Moriarty looked around and then went straight towards the storage building's entrance.
Holmes's eyes were locked onto every move that Moriarty made. His concentration was broken when he felt something moving past him. It was Rebecca in wolf form, stalking silently towards Moriarty. He thought a moment, then he too began to move. He began to try to get closer to Moriarty.
Moriarty was too busy mocking the lock on the door to see Sherlock Holmes creeping towards him in the mist. Rebecca, totally focused despite her terror of this powerful sense of danger, began to follow Holmes slightly to the right. Lestrade, finally noticing she was alone under the cover of the scrap metal, began to follow from the left when.... "Hello, Holmes. Nice to see you." said Moriarty.
It was a trick! That wasn't the real Moriarty at the door of the storage building; it was a hologram! Holmes spun around and dodged Moriarty's fire. Rebecca leaped and hit her mark; the ionizer Moriarty had went sliding across the ground.
"You!" yelled Moriarty as he threw her to the ground," So you're the little pest Fenwick has been telling me about. No matter!" Moriarty reached for a piece of metal and tried to hit the wolf.
She dodged the attack and leapt again. This time she hit herself on a piece of metal that Moriarty held up. She lost her wolf shape and turned into a human.
"Ah, that was the effect Fenwick told me would happen!" shouted Moriarty as he raised the piece for another blow.
This time it was Lestrade's time to attack. She kicked the metal out of his hands and tried for another attack. But to no avail; Moriarty simply dodged the attack.
Moriarty dived for the ionizer but Holmes stopped him. "For once, Moriarty, I think I'm going to enjoy this," said Holmes calmly.
"Oh really?" smirked Moriarty menacingly. He lashed out with another piece of metal and tripped Holmes. "Now who is enjoying this more, you or me?" laughed the menace.
The sound of an approaching hovercar caught the attention of Lestrade, who stopped fighting the robots long enough to get stunned. Rebecca, who was fed up, transformed into a wolf and again started fighting. Then out of the hovercar jumped Fenwick and another robot.
Rebecca leapt at Moriarty in an attempt to help Holmes. "Blasted wolf!" he cried, as she again knocked the weapon from his hands.
Holmes, freed from Moriarty's grip, knocked Moriarty to the ground and began to fight again. Fenwick, now finally aware of his master's distress, began to rush in.
Oh no. Where do you think you're going stupid? thought Rebecca and began to lash out viciously at her victim. Then one of the robots picked her up and threw her to the ground. Fenwick ran for the storage building. Rebecca, not seriously injured, gave chase. Unfortunately, one thing stood in her way -- the robots. She started to leap, but a jump like that would be courting a broken leg or broken ribs, maybe even death.
Holmes and Moriarty were still struggling for the ionizer and so far either one could win. With Rebecca dodging every attack the robots made, Lestrade out cold and Holmes struggling with Moriarty, Fenwick could get whatever he needed. "Master! I have got them! cried Fenwick, as he dragged a bag to one of the hovercars.
Moriarty pulled out a curious-shaped weapon and fired at the storage building and the surrounding metal heaps, setting them afire! Holmes knocked the weapon out of his hands and the struggle began again.
Fenwick was now dragging Lestrade to the hovercar. Without thinking, Rebecca dove under the robots surrounding her and grabbed Fenwick by the arm.
"Get off me, you stupid wolf...Agh!" he yelled. Rebecca had leapt for his chest and successfully knocked him down. Flames were now closing in on the scuffle and the heat was unbearable.
"How about a little nap? Eh, wolfie?" cackled Fenwick, as he jabbed a long needle into the back on Rebecca's neck. She instantly passed out and lay next to the unconscious Lestrade. Fenwick began to drag them both back to the hovercar.
Moriarty, seeing this, paused long enough for Holmes to get in a good punch. Moriarty reeled backwards towards the flames. "I think, Holmes, it is time to say goodbye," smirked Moriarty. "But fear not, we shall meet again." Moriarty grabbed the ionizer on the ground and fired at Holmes who sank to the ground slowly.
"Out like a light," smiled Moriarty.

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