The Adventure of the Young Visitor

Part 4

by Black Wolf (blacklab2000_2000 at
She tensed, ready to lash out in case of attack. When she saw... Watson. She lost her grip on the wolf shape and became human again. "Watson, what are you doing here?" she asked rather startled.
The computer droid answered in a hurried tone. "Inspector Lestrade got word from New Scotland Yard that Fenwick was sighted here. I was sent to confirm whether or not the rumor was true." Watson answered."But what are you doing here? This is not exactly the safest part of town."
"No time to explain. Where are Holmes and Lestrade?" she asked urgently.
Watson gave her a quizzical look. "Why, up at the CompTech storage building in the east part of the city." he answered.
She thought quickly then gave Watson his orders. "Watson, go down town. Fenwick should be there in a few minutes."she commanded," I have a feeling this is not the way Moriarty wanted his plans to go." She transformed into a wolf and ran off, leaving a very puzzled Watson.
While all this was happening a very frustrated Lestrade was rethinking her strategy. "I thought you KNEW Fenwick was coming here!" she shouted at Holmes.
"Be patient, Lestrade, no doubt Fenwick is thinking up a cunning scheme." Holmes replied. "Watson will return if he finds Fenwick."
Lestrade sighed. She was fed up; they had been waiting for nearly 2 hours now. Holmes had no trouble waiting for the action, but she did.What's taking the sleaze so long! she thought. Zed! I might as well go home!
Suddenly a black wolf came bounding up to the hovercar.
"Rebecca!" said Lestrade after the wolf had turned back into Rebecca, "I thought you said you didn't know how you transformed."
"I figured it out." said Rebecca panting, "But that's not important right now. Fenwick is planning to take some hostages down town so he can distract you two."
"Why, that idiot! I'll get him yet...." said Lestrade angrily.
"We have no time for that, Lestrade, Fenwick obviously wants us away from the storage building so he can get what he wants without any trouble! Rebecca, did you see Watson? I think......," interupted Holmes.
"I've already got Watson downtown to make sure nothing happens," she broke in, "Moriarty has my book, too."
Hmm, thought Lestrade, The plot thickens.
"No matter what, Moriarty's next move will have to be for the parts. Right?" she turned to Holmes and asked.
"Not necessarily, but he could. That is why we MUST stay here and make sure he does not get those parts!" Holmes replied.
"Perhaps I can do something," said Rebecca,"As a wolf I can slip into the storage building and see if I can hide some of the parts. If he doesn't have them he can't do anything."
Holmes nodded. "That would be a great help. Any precaution is welcome," he said.
Rebecca turned into a wolf and slipped into the storage building. Crates of parts were everywhere. She remembered the parts Moriarty needed and began to push the crates as best she could into an isolated corner.
Outside Holmes was wondering what Moriarty and Fenwick were up to.Any of those things he can build. And any of those things can cause massive destruction in Moriarty's hands, he thought, remembering all the weapons Moriarty could build with the parts. His head began to spin with information. Holmes shook his head and focused on the things at hand. Moriarty would come for sure. Holmes knew it. If Fenwick was downtown he would have to come for he would handle this situation with great care, as would Holmes himself. He glanced at Lestrade. She was totally wrapped up in watching the swirling fog for signs of Fenwick or Moriarty. Holmes sighed. This was not going to be an easy night; he could feel it.

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