The Adventure of the Young Visitor

Part 3

by Black Wolf (blacklab2000_2000 at
Meanwhile Rebecca was walking down the street, gazing at everything new and exciting. Back home it was the middle of January, but here it was just November and it was freezing. She pulled on her Inverness and shivered.
This land was strange and new, yet; she was wide-eyed with genuine keen interest. So far she had walked into the deepest part of the city. A few people were walking home, but other than that, no one was to be seen.
She walked over to a sign that said 'This area is condemned.' Ignoring the sign and its warning, she looked at the fenced-in area. Inside was what she could make out to be something that looked like a subway entrance. Carefully she slipped through the rusty fence and walked towards the entrance to the condemned subway. Wondering what was down there, she looked around.
Oww! thought Rebecca. A sudden shot of pain through her head reminded her of the concussion. Noone in sight, eh? she thought again. Well, then, I don't think anyone will be too mad if I take a peek down there. She walked down a flight of stairs. Damp and musty, it was not very welcoming, but curiosity drove her on. Then all of a sudden she heard voices up ahead!
"....And make sure you cause trouble downtown, Fenwick, or else that dolt Holmes will come after you!" said a rather deep toned voice.
Then another voice cackled, "Should I take a few hostages, Master, so Holmes will not refuse?"
"For once, Fenwick , you have the right idea. Also, make sure you steal a few antiques; they will add nicely to my small collection," the voice drawled. Rebecca could now see a kind of holographic screen on which there was a picture of a man holding.....the book!
"I will go now, Master!" said the voice of Fenwick, and the man on the screen nodded and then the screen disappeared. Fenwick began to walk towards the place where Rebecca was hiding.
Dolt, eh? thought Rebecca, I think they're a bit confused on who's the dolt! Anger overtook her again. OH NO! she thought, noticing she had furry black paws, Not again! There is no time for this. I must warn Holmes!
Suddenly she heard Fenwick getting closer. Aha! she thought, seeing a rusty old catwalk just above her head. She leapt and made it to the catwalk. She walked a few steps and waited for Fenwick to pass. Then she would go look for Holmes and warn him. She waited.
"Well, look what I found!" said the voice of Fenwick.
Rebecca spun around to face Fenwick on the catwalk with her. She was so surprised that she lost her grip on the wolf shape and turned back into a human.
"What! this is...what?" sputtered Fenwick. "Well, at least I know what to do with spies!" He raised some sort of weapon and fired.
She dodged and leapt off the catwalk onto the rusty tracks below. Fenwick gave chase and off she ran.
For once, I wish I was a wolf, thought Rebecca as she dodged the man's fire; a wolf would have no trouble in leaving that guy behind. She began to visualize herself as a wolf running on the track. She looked back to see how far behind Fenwick was when she saw...a black tail!
She stopped running and looked at her hands...they were paws! She had done it; she had made herself turn into a wolf on purpose! She started running again. Once out of the tunnel she slipped through the fence and onto the street.
Where do I go? thought Rebecca. Suddenly she remembered,New Scotland Yard was where Lestrade said they were going and that's where I'm going to!
She ran along for three blocks before she slowed to a long lope so as not to be followed by Fenwick. Fog was settling in and she knew that Fenwick would never find her, especially since she was still a wolf and blended in with the coming night's darkness. Suddenly she heard someone walking toward her from behind. She was about to either meet Fenwick, the foe, or some civilian out on a walk. She stood her ground and did not make a sound, hoping no one would notice her.

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