The Adventure of the Young Visitor

Part 10

by Black Wolf (blacklab2000_2000 at
Holmes had just woken up and was pacing back and forth in front of the fire. He had no idea where or how he was going to get Lestrade and Rebecca back. Suddenly there was a whining sound and scratching sound coming from the door. Holmes didn't dare hope but he raced to the door and flung it open to find Rebecca in wolf form. "Lord be praised!" Holmes muttered to himself.
The wolf walked inside and in an instant was Rebecca. " still with Moriarty...I barely escaped myself." she panted.
Holmes sank into a chair, his face chalky white. "We've got to go after her." he said simply.
"No, Moriarty had got this...thing that controls us. He'll kill her if we go after him," Rebecca replied.
Holmes perked up. "What kind of thing?" he asked.
And Rebecca began to spin the tale of how Moriarty had injected them with the fluid,how it controlled them and how she had narrowly escaped with her life.
"Intriguing. You say that he injected you with some kind of fluid?" he asked.
"Well, yes," answered a puzzled Rebecca.
"Would you mind if I had a bit of your blood? I want to see something," Holmes questioned again.
"Sure," the girl answered.
Holmes glided over to the mantel, took down a basic medical syringe and gently took a small sample of blood. He placed a drop under the microscope and stared at it.
"What is it, Holmes?" asked an intrigued Watson.
"There are small bacteria in the blood, harmless unless activated by a certain mechanical component. Then they would control the muscles of the host." he answered. "All I have to do is create a chemical that blocks the bacteria and inject it into Rebecca's bloodstream and our problem's fixed." Holmes rubbed his hands together at the thought of such a challenge.
Then he stared at the girl, who was fascinated by the microscope, but looked extremely tired. "Watson, would you mind showing Rebecca to the guest room? You'd probably like to rest a bit. It's going to be a long night, I fear," Holmes commented.
Rebecca nodded and followed Watson down the hall, leaving Holmes to his amazing chemical challenge. Watson showed her a quite comfortable room with a bed and connecting lavatory. "If you need anything, Holmes and I shall be around," said Watson as he shut the door quietly. Rebecca looked around and finally shut off the light. She lay down in an armchair in the corner and drifted off to a light sleep.
He'd been working for hours now, but he had it -- the chemical that would block the bacteria.
The videophone rang and Lestrade came into view. "Holmes! I've got Moriarty at the old warehouses near Paul's wharf! Get over here now!" she said and disappeared.
"Lestrade? Lestrade!" Holmes said, pushing buttons on the phone.
"It's a trap, you know," said a young girl's voice from behind him. Holmes jumped and wheeled around to see Rebecca. "Sorry. But she's still got that stuff in her. Moriarty can control her; it's got to be a trap," she repeated.
Holmes nodded; he knew very well that it was a trap. He just prayed that she wouldn't be dead by the time they got there. "Watson, Rebecca, let's go. Trap or no, we've got to save Lestrade." Holmes ordered. The odd trio walked off towards the hovercar.

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