A Ballad -- Well, Sort of

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)
I don't think it came off very well...and I've forgotten most of the rules...(like stressed vs unstressed....)

In a time long past
When young girls were chaste
There was a man who was brave
Who knew how to fight

He didn't fight dragons
Or woo lovely maidens
He simply used his eyes and his brains

From the Downs to the Thames
Criminals feared his name
Sherlock Holmes the detective
Was always the best

And although he died
He was brought back to life
By an impetuous girl's request

In twenty-one-oh-three
By the hand of Hargreaves
In a body much younger
But a mind still wise

He must deal with robots
Who think they're Watson
And with a woman he should despise

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