Baby Blues

Part 9

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
Chapter Eight
Lestrade sat in one of the large, plush armchairs in the apartment Professor Peters showed them last week. Alice took the one beside her. There was a table in the center with a dish of pastries and some napkins. A cooler beside the table held bottled water. So far, they were the only ones here -- they were thirty minutes early. Jenny had met them with a smile and told them to go on up and make themselves comfortable.
For the first time in a week, Lestrade relaxed, if only a little. Ever since Holmes had found her unconscious in her apartment, things had gone downhill. First, her mother and aunt had followed Watson to Baker Street and so were there when Holmes brought her in. After Watson proclaimed her to be perfectly fine, they had made such a fuss over how dangerous it was for her to be alone in her apartment. What if she'd been further along? Finally, she'd become so frustrated with them, she told them it was their zedding fault in the first place. If they hadn't done what they'd done, there wouldn't have been a hammer to trip over in the first place.
Of course, that stopped them, and that would have been the end of it had Holmes not decided to take their side in the matter. He had told them that had Lestrade been paying more attention to her surroundings, she would not have tripped. Which had got them started again, until she threw up her hands in defeat and marched out of Holmes' flat, angry not only with her dear relatives but with Holmes as well. What did he think he was doing? So maybe she should have paid better attention. That wasn't the point. By that time, of course, she had forgotten the point, and was simply angry.
After that, it had just gotten worse. From the bank robbery that didn't actually happen -- it had been a training exercise -- to her groceries spilling themselves out on her front doorstep yesterday. That wasn't to mention all the little things inbetween. Like her mother and aunt calling every single day to make sure she was all right. And like Holmes, her father, uncle, Watson and the Irregulars acting almost the same way! Geez, you'd think she had some sort of chronic illness. She wasn't even going to think about the nursery crew, because they had done exactly as they were told (obviously Aunt Janine and Mom had understood the message) and she hadn't even known they were there.
And to top everything off, at her appointment yesterday, Dr. Dawson had acted concerned about something, but when questioned she merely smiled and said it was probably nothing. She had patted Lestrade's hands and told her to go on home, that she'd contact her tomorrow if there was anything totally out of the ordinary. Otherwise, to come back in two weeks. Lestrade had her wristphone on, just in case.
"Well, I feel comfortable already," Alice said, looking around, "How are you doing?" Lestrade had told her everything the moment she'd entered the hovercar.
"Better now, actually, though I still don't know what to think about Professor Peters."
"Paranoia, Beth. Something you've got lots of. You always have. Not that I blame you with relatives like yours."
They both laughed at that and began a word association game to pass the time.
A few minutes later, a teenage girl walked in, her brown eyes wide. She gave a trembling, nervous smile and sat down in a chair opposite them. Folding her hands until the knuckes turned white, she focused her attention on the floor, as though there was something of great interest there.
After that, three more young women came in, and a woman who looked to be in her early forties. They all sat in chairs around the circle and greeted the others. Lestrade and Alice nodded at them, but the girl continued to stare at the floor, and seemed to get more nervous. The older woman moved from her seat to the one beside her and put her arm around her shoulder in a friendly manner.
"Don't worry, dear, we're all in the same boat. Maybe circumstances are different, but no one's going to judge you on that. Am I right, ladies?"
There were decisive agreements all around. "See? Let's all introduce ourselves. I'm Anna. We'll go 'round the circle, starting with you."
The girl smiled shyly at everyone. "My name's Kat."
The young woman sitting next to Kat smiled. Her blonde hair was so light it was almost white. "I'm Lina."
"And I'm her twin sister, fraternal -- Tina," the girl next to her spoke up. Her hair was a much darker shade. "We got married at the same time, to another set of twins," she explained.
The girl who had taken a chair near Lestrade shrugged slightly. "I'm Allison. Most people call me Al, though, so you can too, if you want."
"I'm Beth," Lestrade said with a grin.
"And I'm Alice. We went to college together."
"Well," said Anna, "It's nice to meet all of you. Now...."
She was interrupted by the entrance of Jenny, who had troubled expression on her face. Lestrade was instantly alert.
"Um," Jenny began, "Professor Peters just called me...he said he had a bit of a head cold, and he didn't want to risk you ladies' health. So, if we could take a raincheck? Or, I know his lesson plan by heart, and today is just introductions and getting to know each other so...whatever you guys want to do."
Lestrade frowned. Jenny was lying, and she was determined to find out. "I think I'll stay," she said, "Personally I feel more comfortable around you than I did him."
Kat nodded vigorously. "Yeah, I don't know why, but that guy gives me the creeps." She shivered.
"Really?" Jenny asked. Perhaps it was Lestrade's imagination, but she seemed more concerned now. "Well, I felt like that when I first met him too, so maybe he does it on purpose. Anybody else going to stay? It would be really bad if only two of you did...."
"Well, I'm staying," Anna spoke up, "Because we've already introduced ourselves. And if you know the curriculum, then there should be no problem. It's just for today, anyway."
"Yeah," Lina said, "Tina and I are going to stay too."
"Well, if Beth's staying then I am too," Alice put in.
Al just nodded, and Jenny smiled in relief. "Okay, great! Now, you guys already know each other, and I already know you, so...let's get started. First, I want to know how you feel about being pregnant. It makes a big difference, I assure you. So who wants to start?"

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