Baby Blues

Part 8

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
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Chapter Seven
Opening the door, Lestrade stepped inside to chaos. There were kids running around everywhere, talking and making lots of noise. Watson, Tennyson and Deidre were standing in a corner, looking between each other and the noisy crowd, though they stayed well out of the way. And right in the middle of it all were her mother and aunt. They were pointing to various objects in the room, having kids move them to other places. Holmes, her father and her uncle were conspicuously absent.
Lestrade took a deep breath and counted to ten, as her hands clenched. Then she marched into the apartment, wishing the door could be slammed. "Everybody quiet!" she shouted. Instantly the room quieted and all eyes were on her.
"That's better. Now, first of all, Mother, Aunt Janine, this is not my spare room. Second of all, if anyone has even touched one of my books...."
"Oh, don't worry about that, Inspector. Deidre explained in detail what might happen if we did," a little blond haired, freckle-faced youth piped up. Lestrade nodded regally in his direction and continued.
"Third, you have no right to just barge in here...."
"It was to be a surprise...." Janine began.
"Puh-lease. Spare me, Aunt Janine. You just wanted everybody in here while I was gone so you could do whatever it is that goes through that odd mind of yours without me knowing, and so I couldn't make you put it back." Lestrade placed her hands on her hips and leveled a glare at everyone in the room, stopping on her mother and aunt. "Now, either you do what you've been told you can, or I'll zedding well do it myself.
"It's too late today, so I want you out of here. You can come back tomorrow after they're all out of school. But if I find anything -- and I mean anything -- in here, or anywhere but the extra room out of place, you won't be coming back. Do I make myself clear?" When everyone nodded mutely she gave a benevolent smile. "Good. Now, you all better get on home. That means you two as well, Mother."
Everyone began filing out of the apartment, Janine and Martha at the head. When Watson, Deidre and Wiggins passed, she heard Deidre mutter, "What's 'er problem?"
"Hormones," Watson answered succinctly.
"Well, if it's bad this soon, I don't think I want to be around later...."
Lestrade decided to let the comments pass. She snorted and shook her head. Hormones indeed. She looked at the clock on the wall. One o'clock. Her stomach growled, reminding her she hadn't eaten anything at all, and she walked into the kitchen. She would eat, then set everything to rights that had been destroyed in the living room. And she could think about Jenny and the odd Professor Peters.

Nine Months Later....

Lestrade grunted as she made her way to the lift from her office. She hated doing paperwork. Hated it with a passion. And now that that was all she could do, she hated it more. Add to that the annoyance of everybody pressing around her, asking her if she were all right all the time; not being able to sleep on her stomach; her ankles swelling....well, it certainly wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she was not a happy camper.
She glared holes at the few people who shared the lift with her. Just a few months ago, that glare would have had them trembling and wishing the damn lift would go faster. Now they just smiled knowingly at her and calmly asked how she was doing.
She sighed, giving up. "Just fine." The lift stopped and she got off, walking quickly to the exit of the building. A walk home would do her good, let her get the exercise she needed. As the cool breeze hit her face, she smiled. Yep, this was just what she needed. The baby gave a kick, and she placed her hand over her belly, her smile growing. Just what you needed too, eh?"
"Lestrade, what are you doing?"
She turned around to see Holmes jogging up beside her, his face twisted in concern. "Just walking, darling. I have to, or else I'll go nuts."
He put his arm around her and smiled. "I can see your point. And it is a good idea. You have been a bit cranky lately."
She lay her head on his shoulder as they walked. "Have I? Well, do you blame me? I've got a kickboxing champ who lives inside me, constantly moving -- day or night. All I want to do when I get home is take a long, hot bath, and then go to bed. I haven't slept at all, it seems."
"Stop where you are, or I'll kill you both." A man in a black mask jumped in front of them and they stopped. "Come on now, hand over your money, or the Yardie will die, got it, mister?"
"I think not." Holmes leapt forward and knocked the man down. The mask came off, and Lestrade gasped. It was Professor Peters!
"I warned you, mister," Peters said from where he was. Lestrade felt something hard hit her head, and she fell down.
"Lestrade!" Holmes cried out, in a panic. "Lestrade! Lestrade! Wake up, Lestrade..." First his voice faded, and then everything faded to black. Then his voice came back, louder.
"Lestrade! Wake up, please!"
Lestrade's eyes opened and she looked wide-eyed at Holmes, who was standing over her, a concerned expression on his face. She blinked at him in confusion. "What are you doing here?"
The expression turned to relief, and he smiled. "You didn't answer your bell, so I came in and found you lying on the floor. You must have tripped over this." He held up a hammer. "And hit your head. Come with me, and we'll have Watson take a look at you."
She nodded dumbly and followed him, trying to figure that strange dream out, before finally giving up. It was just a dream. It didn't mean anything. Nothing at all.

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