Baby Blues

Part 7

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
Chapter Six
"Most people's first question is about how this place got started," Peters began as they walked down the hallway and up the staircase. "Actually, Jenny started it, but it didn't go very far -- how many young women d'you know that would trust a teenager with this sort of thing? Not many. I was out of work -- I usually teach biology classes part time -- and saw that this was a wonderful opportunity. Who better to teach the vagaries of gestation and childbirth than those who would be experiencing it? None. Practical application is the best method of teaching -- though it's difficult to do in mathematics -- and let us face it; how many college or high school age girls are going to get pregnant just for the sake of science?
"But I digress, Jenny's parents are quite wealthy and set her up with her own bank account -- which is quite large, by the way. As I said, she started this whole thing and when I realized she was having trouble came to the rescue. She was distrustful at first (and who could blame her?) but she gradually came to get to know me and we are good friends. This building and the class are all in her name.
"Here is where we will have our first session," he pointed to an apartment on their left, then produced a key and opened it. "Have a peek."
Lestrade and Alice stepped up and peered inside. It was rather large with several armchairs all spaced around the room in a circle, with enough room between for three people to walk through. They backed away and looked at the professor expectantly. He smiled genially and closed the door. For an instant, Lestrade could have sworn his hand went through the handle. It must have been her imagination, however, and she shook the idea off.
"Now, what do you want to know? I shall try to answer to the best of my abilities as we go down to the pool. It used to be outdoors, but Jenny had it converted. Water is the best place for a woman in the latter stages of pregnancy to exercise -- with supervision, of course. But we'll explain more about that once we get into the class." Peters began walking again. "We may use the other apartments -- or not, as we so choose. Jenny likes to sleep in a different one every night."
"You said you taught biology part time?" Lestrade asked. Peters nodded. "So really all you're going to do is the same thing our biology professors did in college?"
"Not exactly," Peters said, turning back to her with an odd smile, "You see there's also the psychology involved, along with some other things. Such as how you feel about your spouse, significant other, parents, other family members, et cetera. And how your mind can be affected by the changing levels of hormones in your system. Also, you get to be with others who are sharing a similar experience, and that as they say, is always better than suffering through it alone. Because your husband certainly cannot understand, nor can any of your female relatives. Either they haven't gone through it yet, or they have and it's all done and over with for them."
Lestrade and Alice both nodded in agreement, though Lestrade was still suspicious. What he said seemed very well rehearsed, and though prettily said, almost...hollow. As though he wasn't the one really speaking. She frowned again. And the way he seemed intent on making sure they knew Jenny had set everything up. Was he trying to do something, and have the girl take the fall for it? Maybe she should have a talk with Holmes. No, if things started to get bad, then she'd call in back up. She was probably just being paranoid.
"All right, if there are no more questions," Peters said as they reached the pool area, "Then I'll see you in a week's time at seven a.m. sharp. Yes, it is early, but I'm certain you can make it. You can introduce yourselves properly then."
They shook hands with him and left.
On the ride back to Lestrade's apartment, Alice queried, "Sounds like it'll be a nice time, huh?"
"Yeah, if you can get past his grandiose style of speaking."
"Oh I think all men and women of science talk like that...Jacob certainly does at times."
They both laughed and then began a debate over baby names until they reached Lestrade's building. She waved her friend along and walked up to her apartment. Opening the door she stepped chaos....
Holmes settled himself in the chair before before the computer and began working diligently. He had loafed around the rec center for a while before deciding that he really did not want to go back to the lesson on interior design. For one thing he would have to deal with questions from Watson and the Irregulars -- questions he wasn't quite sure how to answer at the moment.
So, he'd gone grocery shopping (now Watson wouldn't have to in the morning) and then decided to find out a bit more about pregnancy. Not because of Lestrade either, though her condition had been the inspiration. It was simple curiosity -- nothing more. In his day no one spoke of it much in public except with the occasional 'she's expecting' or some such euphemism.
He found a site right off the bat, and very nearly logged off the computer. Such graphic detail! Still, when had mere embarrassment stopped him? He shrugged mentally and continued reading about things he had never really wanted to know about.

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