Baby Blues

Part 5

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
For some reason, a couple of fragments were left's the revised version....
Chapter Four
Holmes smiled slightly as he sat beside Watson, listening to the two women up front arguing. When Deidre had told him about this class and that Lestrade's father and uncle were in charge, he had immediately signed up as a volunteer. Perhaps one of them would know why she hadn't answered her wristphone yesterday. He was slightly worried about her. She had seemed depressed since coming back from vacation, and no wonder. It was always hard to lose a family member.
It was even more fortuitous -- or so he'd thought at the time -- that her mother and aunt were going to have a lesson on interior design; how to remodel a bedroom into a nursery was the subject at hand. It had been a rather interesting course, though admittedly more for the interaction between Frank Lestrade and the two women than the subject matter; nurseries simply weren't his cup of tea. Edward had left as soon as the women began speaking, saying he'd be back soon. He still had not come back.
Finally the lecture was over, and Janine Lestrade asked if there were any questions.
"I have one, Mrs. Lestrade," Holmes replied, "I understand the theory behind what you say, but will you be using practical application? That is the best way to keep a student interested in a subject, after all." He gave her his most charming grin, and the woman melted under it.
"Why, certainly, Mister Holmes. It's for my niece...a very nice surprise for her. I feel that with so many people working at once it will get done faster....are you quite all right?"
"Yes, yes, I'm all right. I just recalled an important business matter that I must attend to straight away. If you will excuse me?"
Holmes' mind was reeling as he stood up. He ignored the questioning looks he received from everyone, and the concerned ones he received from the Irregulars and Watson, as he made his way to the front of the room. Lestrade was...pregnant? His brain refused to accept that statement; it simply did not make sense. He was just going to have to ask her; even though it was really none of his business. And after all, she was a lovely young woman. Just because she never said anything about any boyfriends didn't mean she didn't have one.
He was stopped momentarily at the door by Edward who smiled genially and stepped aside. "Leaving already? Don't blame you. She's in there if you want to talk to her." He pointed at the men's restroom.
For a moment Holmes was confused, then realized who 'she' was. He nodded his thanks and walked into the restroom. At a glance, there was no one inside, but a stall door that was shut and locked, with no feet showing at the bottom, disproved that notion. He smiled and walked into the stall beside it, careful to make no noise. Standing up on the toilet, he looked down into the adjacent stall.
Sure enough, Lestrade was crouched on the toilet, listening very hard. He grinned. "You know, there is a reason this is called the "men's" restroom." She jerked, looking up at him, and almost fell into the toilet. Then she jumped down from her precarious perch and settled one of her patented 'death glares' on him.
"You know, it's not polite to sneak up on people when they're hiding from you."
He couldn't help but chuckle. "Really? And why were you hiding from me."
"Not just you, all of them." She waved her hand in a vague motion towards the room. "It was supposed to be a surprise, after all. What are you doing here anyway?"
"Being nosy," he replied truthfully. "You...wouldn't happen to have a sister would you?" It was stupid of him to ask; he already knew the answer.
"No. Yes, I really am pregnant. Not that it's any of your business." She opened her stall door and stepped out. He jumped down and followed. It had been his own words to himself, but it still hurt.
"Then I suppose you won't tell me who the father is?"
Lestrade turned around and gazed at him a moment, before her eyes lit up with amusement. "Of course I will; it's no secret. It's my brother's baby."
He felt his jaw drop against his own wishes, then settled his own dignified sort of glare on her when she started laughing.
"Oh...Holmes, the look on your face...." She clutched at her stomach and took deep breaths before continuing. "Jumping to conclusions without all the facts again, are we?" she teased. "It really is my brother's, but it's my sister-in-law's as well. I agreed to be their surrogate mother...only they died before any of us knew it had even worked. I only found out myself yesterday."
He felt relief flood through him, then frowned inwardly. What did it matter to him? When she gave him an odd look, he smiled. "Well," he said, "Watson and the Irregulars are no doubt going insane with curiosity. Do you want them to know?"
She grinned at him, "Oh, I'm sure my mom and aunt have told the entire story by now."
He looked down at the ground a little shamed. "Yes, and had I stayed I would know."
"Oh, but then I wouldn't have had a good laugh at your expense."
He raised an eyebrow, and then bowed mockingly. "I suppose this round goes to you, then."

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