Baby Blues

Part 2

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
Chapter One
Lestrade swung her foot back and forth nervously as she sat on the examination table in the doctor's office, awaiting diagnosis. She hated these things; they always made her feel like a little kid. Jane Dawson, a portly older woman with a florid, cheerful face, didn't help matters. She treated all her patients in the same grandmotherly fashion. Lestrade supposed it was comforting to some of the women who came here, and if she admitted it, to her as well. However, at the moment, she was too distracted to feel comforted.
The first few weeks after the accident, Lestrade had thrown herself into her work to take her mind off things. Then, when Edith had called saying Alice was pregnant, she remembered the possibility that she might be pregnant herself. After making the appropriate congratulatory remarks, she had made an appointment with a well-known obstetrician/gynecologist. And now here she was, doing the waiting game.
The quiet chiming of her wristphone startled her and she groaned. She had forgotten to turn it off. She ignored it and continued to swing her foot back and forth, taking a small amount of comfort as it steadily thumped against the metal framework. Finally, though, she had to switch the stupid phone off; it was becoming entirely too persistent, and she did not want to talk to anybody at the moment.
Dr. Dawson chose that moment to enter carrying a chart in her hands. She waved it triumphantly and gave a large smile. "Congratulations, dearie; you are most certainly pregnant. From the DNA I've been able to pick up, I'd say it was a girl."
Lestrade closed her eyes and laid back on the table. On one hand, she was happy that this last bit of her brother and sister-in-law had survived. On the other she was terrified of the consequences. It had all seemed so easy back in that two-story house on the beach. She opened her eyes and gave the concerned doctor a smile.
"Thank you, I guess I really wasn't expecting it to have worked." She had explained everything when the doctor questioned her earlier.
Dawson reached out and patted her hand. "Well, now we've just got to get you settled on what you can and can't do at your job. For right now, you can stay with your present duties, though perhaps you should drive a bit more carefully. Your reputation proceeds you," the doctor explained, at Lestrade's raised eyebrow. "Of course you'll be making regular check-ups so that if any problems arise we can get them sorted out. Now, here's your certificate of health and some extra information to be handed to your boss, and I'll see you next week for your first check up."
Outside in the fresh air, Lestrade took a deep breath and stretched before walking over to her cruiser. As she slipped behind the wheel she wondered what Grayson's reaction to this would be.For that matter, what was everyone else's going to be? That's why you should never give in to impulses...well, okay, sometimes they pan out but....
Grayson looked over the papers a third time before he finally looked back up at Lestrade. He cleared his throat and shifted nervously. "Well, Lestrade, you just give me your progress reports from your physician, and we'll, erm, assign you accordingly. I'm giving you today and tomorrow off, so I don't want to see you back here til Friday. Dismissed."
"Why, Chief, are those tears of joy I see? ...Okay, okay, I'm leaving...." Lestrade grinned and walked out. Now she just had to find a way to tell her parents, and her aunt Janine (who was a ruthless matchmaker), and Holmes, and.... Her grin faded. This was not going to be any fun....

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