Baby Blues

Part 16

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Chapter 15

Lestrade smiled to herself as she sat comfortably on her couch. For the first time in weeks she felt completely relaxed, and -- she had to admit -- it was because of Holmes. Usually just the thought of the detective brought up disconcerting and conflicting emotions that she had to repress, so she was rather -- pleasantly I might add -- surprised.
In fact, the whole day from the moment he had arrived, had been full of surprises. There had been the impromptu snowball fight in the park, and then they had had a picnic. After that, they had gone to the holocade, where Lestrade actually beat Holmes in the "Police Cruiser of Death" game (which she absolutely refused to admit was made because of her own driving skills, despite much ribbing from Holmes). And now, here she was, relaxing while Holmes made some hot chocolate and whatever else his brilliant mind could think of. No, things couldnít get any stranger...or more wonderful...than this.
"Enjoyed yourself, did you?" Holmes asked, as if reading her mind.
Lestrade jumped, having not noticed him come from the kitchen, lost in her thoughts as she was. He stood just inside the doorway, holding a tray with two steaming mugs and two plates of sandwiches.
"Yep," Lestrade agreed, "Now let me have some of that chocolate. Iíve been craving it."
Holmes chuckled and presented the tray to her with a flourish. She was amazed that he didnít spill a drop, and then decided that he must have practiced serving along with everything else he had taught himself.
She decided not to take offense at his laughing at her, considering she had meant for her comment to be amusing.
He sat beside her, and they drank in companionable silence.
After some time, Lestrade felt the strangest sensation in her stomach, and she didnít think it was from the heat of the drink. She frowned slightly, concentrating. There it was again! A silly smile crossed her face and she pressed her hand protectively over her belly.
"What is it?" Holmes asked in concern.
Without thinking, Lestrade grabbed his hand and pressed it to her belly in the same spot, the silly grin still plastered over her face. A few seconds later and it was reciprocated on Holmesí face, and the two sat there and grinned at each other.

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