Baby Blues

Part 15

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
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Lestrade glanced at Holmes from the corner of her eye. Not too surprisingly, his face was expressionless. Which was extremely annoying considering they were now standing -- just standing! -- in the middle of a deserted snow-covered clearing in the park near her building. Granted, the sight of the trees decorated with the white powder was rather lovely, and certainly the cold cleared the blue funk she had sunk into, but that wasn't the point. Holmes was up to something, and she was going to find out what.
"Winter always was my favorite time of the year," the detective remarked casually.
Yep, he was definitely up to something.
Deciding to play along, she questioned just as casually, "Oh?"
When he didn't answer, she glanced over at him. He was kneeling with his hand in the snow, apparently studying something -- completely ignoring her. She rolled her eyes and turned away, crossing her arms over her chest. Well, she could wait to get to the point as long as he could.
And then something cold and wet hit her on the back of her neck. She gasped and danced around, trying to dislodge the snow that rested just inside the collar of her jacket. When she finally succeeded, she glared out at the ring of trees, searching for her attacker. Deidre was going to pay.
Holmes chose that moment to continue his thought from before.
"Yes, winter was definitely my favorite time of year when I was younger. There were countless ways of annoying my brothers."
Lestrade whirled around to face his smirking countenance. He held a packed ball of snow in one hand, slightly raised. Her eyes narrowed as she pointed an accusing finger at him.
"It was you!"
One elegant brow went up. "Of course," he remarked conversationally. "Now, I shall give you to the count of ten."
"The count of ten?" Lestrade questioned blankly. Just what was this guy playing at?
"One...." Holmes began, his blue eyes twinkling as he raised the snowball higher, as if in preparation to throw.
That snapped Lestrade into action, and before he got to three, she had neatly knocked his ammunition out of his hand. He bowed mockingly to her, and war began.

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