Baby Blues

Part 14

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
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Chapter 13

Two months later...

According to Dr. Dawson, and from what Lestrade's own eyes had seen, the twins were developing exactly as they should. Unfortunately, they were also showing about a month earlier than with a single fetus, and her slightly protruding belly -- those uniforms hid nothing -- gave those at the Yard who had adamantly refused to believe the rumors flying around two months earlier no choice but to give them some credence. There were still those 'loyal' individuals who insisted that she had simply been doing too much desk work.
Lestrade blew a lock of her hair out of her eyes, giving a growl of annoyance as she did so. It seemed that everything lately had been grating on her nerves, from the morning sickness -- which was inaptly named by the way -- to simply the way someone looked at her. And it wasn't just hormones either. Christmas was coming up soon, and while for the past ten years she had found an excuse not to gather with her family, there was no way she was going to get out of it this year.
She slammed the pad she had been working on down on her computer table -- Greyson had quite intelligently allowed her to work from her home today -- and pushed herself roughly away.
As a child, she had never had a decent Christmas dinner due to her mother and aunt's endless arguments about whom was the better cook, until Kevin had married. Then she always spent her vacation time with him and Crissy. But several times she had had to work over -- holidays were usually the worst for cops.
Now, not only would she have to deal with Martha and Janine's sibling rivalry, she would have to listen to their endless complaints about her decision, and endure their overprotectivness. And Greyson had already ordered to take that particular day off.
"Could my life get any worse?" she muttered to the ceiling.
Holmes stared unseeing at the cloud of snow falling silently to the already covered ground. His mind was on other things, such as the odd revelation he had suddenly had. Although, if he thought on it, it wasn't as abrupt as it seemed. The clues had all been there; he had simply -- he was embarrassed to admit -- ignored them. Until two months ago, when he had been forced to examine them. Even then he had been relieved to set them aside when Lestrade had approached him with her concern about Moriarty -- though he wasn't too concerned, as he would be ready when the criminal did show up.
Now, however, he had taken the evidence, analyzed it, and formed a conclusion: he was in love with Lestrade. And he knew that she was in love with him. The signs were all there. He simply had to make her come to the same conclusion on her own. She could sometimes be stubborn in the extreme.
He turned from the window, a satisfied smile on his face, and walked to the door, grabbing his Inverness and cap as he passed.
Immediately after she said it, Lestrade regretted it. She wasn't superstitious, but the way her life had been going for the last four months had her more paranoid than usual. Especially as her vivid imagination -- spurred on by excess hormones, no doubt -- conjured up lots of horrifying ways her life could get worse.
At that moment, her door opened and Holmes stepped in. Lestrade stopped glaring at the ceiling and concentrated its force on this new bane of her existance.
"What?" she snarled.
Holmes smiled pleasantly and asked, "Would you like to go for a walk?"
"What for?"
"Eloquent today, aren't we? Now, just a moment -- before you do anything rash, I just felt that you needed some time away from your apartment."
Still glaring at him suspiciously, Lestrade jumped with alacrity to her feet. "Great, let's go."
She ignored his amused chuckle as she pulled on a coat and marched out the door, still wondering what the detective could possibly be up to.

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