Baby Blues

Part 13

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
...Because I just couldn't leave you guys hanging like that...
By the way...did I ever mention that I was evil?
Where last we left off....
Lestrade's mouth dropped open and she closed it with obvious effort. Watson's warning ran through her mind, as well as other that dream that she simply could not quite rid herself of. Several reactions raced through her system, anger, embarrassment, and something else. Something she did not want to identify. So she settled for the anger.
"Just because I'm a single female does not mean I cannot raise my children by myself!" she growled out. "Role models I can understand but this...." She brought herself up short when she noticed Holmes smirking.
"What?" she growled.
Holmes raised his hands up innocently. "Nothing. After all, what would an antique know about these sorts of things?"
Lestrade waited for a moment until realization dawned on her. Relief and disappointment warred within. "You did that to get back, didn't you?"
"It worked, did it not?" Holmes asked, the same annoying smirk still plastered to his face.
"No, not really...."
Lestrade grinned and nodded. "Nope, because you didn't hear the entire conversation." Sure, it was something she didn't want him to have heard....but let him worry over that for a while.
Holmes gave her a mock salute, stood up and walked out.
Lestrade ordered another double cheeseburger, trying to ignore the little voice in her head.
There was a betting pool. That was the first thing Deidre learned when she stepped into Scotland Yard. She grinned as she listened to two of the Inspector's colleagues arguing.
"I'm telling you...Lestrade would never!" One, a man with short dark hair and bright green eyes was saying.
The other, a short woman with long blond hair and brown eyes, shook her head. "You're just saying that 'cause you never got anywhere with her yourself. She's pregnant...a woman knows these things."
The man snorted. "I'm telling you, Renee...."
"Actually," Deidre put in, "she is pregnant...she told all her close friends earlier. I'm looking for her right now. D'you know where she might be?" She was very bad, she knew but...this was just too good a chance to pass up.
"Really?" the man asked. "Then who's the father?"
Deidre sighed. "That's the question, isn't it. She absolutely refused to tell anyone who it was. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?"
"What?" Renee asked, having completely fallen for it.
"Why she's so protective of course. Me, I say it's cause it's Holmes'... 'Course, that's just my opinion."
"Oh!! I always knew those two would get together!" Renee breathed.
"No, it's probably just some guy she met on vacation and would rather not talk about it," the man insisted.
Deidre shrugged and went on her merry little way, certain that if rumors hadn't been going around, they certainly were now... She just had to hope that Lestrade and Holmes never found out she was the one to start them.

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