Baby Blues

Part 12

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
This chapter is really just filler....
Chapter Eleven
Lestrade groaned as the pounding inside her head grew louder and louder until it sounded a lot like a hammer. She forced her sleep-encrusted eyes open and focused blearily on the wall next to her bed. It seemed that the hammering was coming from there.
For a confused moment she wondered if her headache could possibly be physically manifesting itself. Then the sound of laughter reminded her that the re-decorators were due in today.
With a sigh, she slipped out of bed and into her uniform. It wasn't that late, but she knew she would have to get out of here before her mother or aunt spotted her. As she passed through the kitchen, she grabbed a nutritient packet -- just add water -- and made her way out the door without the others knowing she had even been up.
When Lestrade arrived, the Yard was in an uproar. After asking a passing constable, she discovered that a kid who had been brought in for simple shoplifting had taken his arresting officer's ionizer and had gone ballistic.
Lestrade looked at the food packet in her hand. So much for breakfast. Though, with the way her stomach had been acting lately, maybe this was a good thing.
It was finally lunchtime. Lestrade sat in her favorite booth at one of the various burger joints with a large, juicy, double cheeseburger with extra mayonnaise. She opened her mouth to take a bite when a hand on her shoulder distracted her.
She turned with a frown, about to give whoever was keeping her from the first bite of food she'd had all day a good set-down, maybe even a punch-down.
"Holmes...." she groaned.
"Should you be eating that?" Holmes asked, concern as well as amusement evident in his voice.
Lestrade narrowed her eyes, then gave him a nonchalant shrug. "Well, I suppose not...but it was either this or nothing." She gave a mock sigh of resignation. "Since you obviously don't think this is good for me, I guess I'll just settle with nothing. I mean, it must be better, right?"
Holmes shook his head. "By all means, carry on eating."
Lestrade had already taken a bite before he'd even finished eating. "Want some?" she offered when she noticed him staring at her. At his adamant refusal she grinned mischievously. "Oh, that's right...antiques don't exactly need to they?"
"Very funny, Lestrade."
"I thought so."
Holmes let her finish eating in silence, for which Lestrade was grateful. The past few days she hadn't been able to keep anything down and she at least wanted to savor the taste before it came back up.
However, as soon as she was finished he began, and she was even more glad he had let her eat first.
"I was thinking, that even in this day and age...children need a...male role-model..."
Lestrade raised her eyebrow. "And?"
"And..." Holmes fidgeted, "And I think"
"Would make an excellent choice."
Lestrade frowned. "As a role-model? Well, duh."
"No," Holmes fidgeted some more. "As...a father."

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