Baby Blues

Part 11

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Chapter Ten
"Twins," Lestrade repeated, a dumbfounded expression on her face. Holmes understood how she felt, even if it wasn't him in the situation.
"That's right, dearie," Dawson said, her voice soothing. Holmes frowned. There was something familiar in the way she said her r's, though he couldn't quite place it. "Now," Dawson continued, "multiples can cause extra complications, and with it being a monozygotic pregnancy there are even more. I still don't think you need quit what you're doing just yet, but we do need to monitor you more closely. I'll see you in two weeks, and send you some information in an email. Good day." She signed off.
"Twins," Lestrade repeated, the same dumbfounded expression present. "I'm...having twins." She looked up at him, and he nodded sympathetically, unsure of what to do. "I'm having twins, Holmes!" He was startled when she hugged him suddenly; though she let go as quickly. "Can you believe it?"
"I've got to, I am not going to tell them. No way. It'll just cause more problems than I need right now. No, not till it's time. Well, I've got to get home and changed. I'm expected in this evening. Got some paperwork to finish up...." She made a face. "But I'd rather get it done now than have it to do later when I have little to no time...."
"Indeed," Holmes agreed. "Though I think you should reconsider telling your aunt and mother. They have worked so hard on your nursery, and it's still soon enough that they can change the plans to include two...."
"Zed! You're usual." Her eyes narrowed, "That was to get me back for the 'family heirloom' remark, wasn't it?"
"Not at all, Lestrade." He affected a hurt look. "I am ashamed to know that you could think so little of me. If I were to get you back for something like that, I assure you it would be much more humiliating."
Lestrade's eyebrows shot up, and she shook her head. "Yeah, yeah, Mister know-it-all...Well, come on, if you're going to escort me home...."
Lestrade settled back in her chair, finally finished with the last of the paperwork. It hadn't actually been all that bad. Especially when she had had things to take her mind off the dullness, if only for a little while.
She really had been relieved when she found out Peters was just a hologram. And finding out Jenny was Jacey had been a pleasant surprise. She didn't really have to worrry as much about the girl. Wiggins had shown that he was looking after her by bringing Holmes to the building.
She smiled, remembering the very indignant expression on his face after he overheard her comment. Good thing he hadn't heard the rest of the conversation. Honestly, who did Alice think she was, suggesting that she and Holmes would make a cute couple. And that crack about catching the bouquet at her wedding? Nobody belived in those old superstitions anymore.
Checking the clock, she decided to simply call Mom and Aunt Janine from here, then go over to Baker Street and see what Holmes and Watson were up to.
Several minutes later, she was seated in a chair opposite Watson in the kitchen of 221b, eating apple pie. She needed the sugar after talking -- okay, arguing -- with her aunt. As she had predicted, telling them about the twins had only made her two matriarchs become even more protective -- therefore, more vicious in their demands that she quit work. She was glad Watson was a perceptive person, because he had almost immediately offered her the pie after she came in and asked where Holmes was.
Holmes -- as it turned out -- wasn't anywhere around, but Watson had said he had been preoccupied with something for about a week. The robot assumed it was a case of some sort. Lestrade had quickly rationalized the disappointment she felt as simple annoyance that part of her plans had been ruined.
"Thanks, Watson," she said as she finished, "I really needed that." She pushed the three-quarters empty pie tin away from her.
"So I see," Watson said dryly.
She blushed and shrugged. "I haven't had this good of apple pie in years....Aunt Janine and Mom always seem to ruin the recipe somehow. Dad says that the only reason they cook bad when I'm around is because I only seem to make it over when they're both trying to cook at the same time."
"Well, I am glad somebody enjoyed it. You know how Holmes is when he's on a eating, no sleeping..." The compudroid gave a heavy sigh. "He can be difficult to get along sometimes, especially when he's bored. And when he's on a case, he sometimes forgets that other people are around, people who might care about him."
Lestrade frowned and stared at him. "Watson, are you unhappy here?"
"Oh, no! Most assuredly not! I was just trying to...It's just that I've noticed something...." He trailed off.
"Noticed something?"
"Yes, I've noticed that you seem to be paying just a bit more attention than usual to Holmes. Then I realized that you've been doing that all along. No, please let me finish. I still have the memory files from before I uploaded Dr. Watson's journals, and even then you praised Holmes. Now, I agree that he is a highly intelligent person, but he is not the type to get romantically involved with anyone. You've read those same journals; surely you saw it as well. I just don't want to see you get hurt."
Lestrade blinked once, then started laughing. "Watson, I'm glad you're looking out for me, but Holmes to me is just a friend. A very good friend like you. Trust me, I am not romantically inclined towards Holmes. And yeah, before I brought him back to life, I did kinda see him as larger than life...but that was before I actually met the guy."
Watson sighed and nodded, but did not look convinced at all. "Well, just be careful, Inspector."
"Believe me, Watson, even if I were inclined towards Holmes...I would never ever admit it for just that reason. So don't worry, okay?"
"All right."
This part dedicated to the people who discussed my idea about Watson not being too happy on the H/L shippy front....

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