Cat Got Your Tongue?

Part 7

by Angel (aisumitsukai at
Here we go! My creative juices have come back!
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This story contains:
Toxic slop
A really ugly french geneticist
A violently inclined kitten
A cage
And! Useless warnings!
You have been warned!
*The author does not take responsibility for hair loss, disappearance of brain cells and sudden wrinkles!*
"One last thing, Moriarty...." Holmes turned his head to the evil genius. "You don't usually go in for family things."
Moriarty smiled. "Ah! So you noticed!"
"Well, it was just a bit odd that Marissa and Manuel look almost exactly the same."
"Yes, I suppose so. Not that it makes any difference to you. At least in your present spot." Moriarty smirked, then motioned to Marissa and Manuel. "Come! We must put the rest of our plan in action!" With that, the trio left the room.
Holmes narrowed his eyes. 'The rest of our plan'? He turned to Lestrade. "Why did you have to bite him?"
"It touched me!!!" Lestrade huffed from the corner of their newly acquired cage.
Lestrade didn't bother responding; she was too busy glaring at the laser beams around the wire walls.
"Heeheehee! Look at you, Mr. Holmes! You and the Yardie are cats! Ha!" Fenwick leered down at the frowning tabbycat. "I brought you some dinner! Look!"
Holmes really didn't want to. It smelt gross. He looked. "Interesting."
"I cooked it myself!"
In the background Lestrade was very busy; making gagging sounds.
"Well, that was gross!" Lestrade looked up from her bowl. She had taken one whole bite!
"Mmmmm." Holmes had decided to let Lestrade go first. He had now decided that he would let Lestrade be the only one who had eaten the slop at all, seeing as he was such a nice person.
"Yuck, yuck, yuck!" Lestrade scrunched up her kitten face in comic horror. Holmes decided also that she really did look very cute like that.
"You didn't like my cooking?!" Fenwick reentered the room, looking terribly hurt. "Good! You weren't supposed to! Causing Master so much trouble! Really! It's horrible! All he talks about is you, ya stupid yardie! Well, he does talk about Holmes, but not as much and not in the same way...What?" Fenwick wondered why the two cats had such a look of horror on their faces.
Sank You! And Goodbye!
*This chapter. was brought to you by: Toxic Cooking 101, the number 2 and the letter D!*

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