Cat Got Your Tongue?

Part 6

by Angel (aisumitsukai at
Ch 6 of 'cat got your tongue'! i get to dress Lestrade up some more!!!!!!! hee, hee,hee!!!!!


(LESTRADE: *Shudder, shudder, grumble* You're crazy! You should be locked up!
ANGEL: That's what my doctor said as well.....but they can't lock me up yet!
LESTRADE: And why not?
ANGEL: Because I haven't gotten you and Holmes together yet!!!!
LESTRADE: Grrrrrrrrr....*Lestrade's special little scowl*
ANGEL: *Sweat drops* Don't look at me like that! or, or, or, or I'll marry you to Moriarty!!!!
LESTRADE: *Widens eyes, shudders some more* I'll be good!
ANGEL: Well, if you aren't.... Of course if you're good I'll marry you off to Holmes....
LESTRADE: grrrrrrr...*rolls eyes*
ANGEL: Well, it's your choice!
LESTRADE: Some choice! Just kill me now!
ANGEL: Oh please! I know you like Holmes! You do like him, don't you?!
*C.D.*: *If you don't that messes up everything!*
LESTRADE:*rolls eyes again* Don't you have a fic to write?!
ANGEL: Oh yeah!)


Sorry! Couldn't resist!^_^
*I'm not a H/L fan! Really! >sarcasm,sarcasm<*
Lestrade HAD been under the impression that her day could not get worse. Now she wasn't so sure. This train of thought was probably due to the fact that she was sitting on Moriarty's hand.
"Cute cat." Moriarty took off the bonnet. "But that looks horrible. Really, Marissa, you should take better care of your pets." With that he dropped Lestade, from chest height onto the floor.
"Owwwwww! Why'd you do th-" Lestrade looked at Moriarty in horror and clamped her paws over her mouth. Well, at least, she tried to.
Moriarty raised an eyebrow.
Holmes mentally slapped himself, again.
Marissa, formerly known as the blonde teen, squealed happily.
Dr. Manuel nodded. "I thought you two looked familiar."
"Two?" Moriarty looked over at Holmes. "Is that HOLMES?!"
Moriarty promptly burst out laughing. Manuel had told him about the experiment, but he hadn't dared hope that it had gone so well.
Holmes sighed. This was going to be a long day.

***Just thought I'd check back with Watson***

"I hardly think-"
Watson gave up trying to talk to Greyson. The Chief Inspector was in one of those moods, again.
"So, Moriarty, Manuel was working for you."
"I don't see why you care, but yes! He was!" Moriarty smiled *nastily* at the tabby sitting in front of him. "Brilliant plan, don't you think? You didn't suspect a thing! And now look at you! You're a cat!"
"Okaaayyyyy. So what you're trying to tell me is that you made a poison specifically to paralyze US. Then, you had Manuel offer to help us. But not really help us. Just keep us alive, but in less disruptive forms. Just one thing -- why cats?" Lestrade looked up at Moriarty.
"You seemed to be a cat person."
"He didn't want his precious Inspector to be unhappy." Holmes smirked down at Lestrade. (Moriarty was sniffing haughtily.) "I have a question as well, though. Moriarty, how could you have planned this meeting?" Holmes returned his gaze to Moriarty. Ignoring the fuming kitten beside him.
"Ah, well, actually, this is all just a piece of terribly good luck. I was planning on kidnapping you tonight from your flat."
"Mmmm." Holmes took in this information quite calmly. Lestrade on the other hand....
"Kidnap us!? Who do you think you are?! And a cat person, huh? Well, for your information, I HATE CATS! How could do this to me? You sick freak! You, you, you...."
"Cats are your favorite animal, Lestrade." Holmes looked back down at her.
"Grrrrrrr... Whose side are you on anyways, Holmes!?" Lestrade sniffed and slumped onto the couch pillow.
Moriarty smiled and scratched her ears.
Holmes frowned.
Lestrade's eyes narrowed and she chomped Moriarty's finger.
"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Get her offffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!"
There you go! another chapter of insanity! ^_^
(LESTRADE: How could you let him touch me?!
ANGEL: Oh please! I wanted to have an excuse for you to bite him.
ANGEL:Here. just because i'm such a nice person I'll make Holmes be nice to you in the next chapter! *crosses fingers behind her back*
LESTRADE: yeah right!
ANGEL: Are you calling me a liar? *narrows eyes*
ANGEL: Oh well, and here i was hoping you really did like Holmes, but obviously you prefer Moriarty.
LESTRADE: *eyes widen* Uh,oh. I'm very,very good!
ANGEL: so you DO like Holmes! Ha!
LESTRADE: Hey! I never said that!
ANGEL: Bwa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! *cough, cough*)


I couldn't resist! again! i truly am very sorry!!!!


(LESTRADE: yeah right!
ANGEL: Watch it!)

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