Cat Got Your Tongue?

Part 4

by Angel (aisumitsukai at
Everyone's got some new fanfic out; I was beginning to feel left out. ^_-
Lestrade sighed noisily. She was sitting on Greyson's desk.
"Look, Lestrade, if you really want to go chasing Moriarty around New London as a kitten, be my guest."
"All right, I will."
"I didn't mean that."
"It's not fai-"
"Please, Lestrade, you are not a child anymore." Holmes looked down at her.
"It's still not fair."
Greyson rolled his eyes. "Look, Inspector, I'm not asking you to kill yourself, just take a vacation until we find the cure. Inspector Anderson can take over the Moriarty case for now."
Lestrade smiled. "O.K., Chief, whatever you say."
Greyson, Holmes and Watson (who had been watching this amusedly) looked at her, shocked.
She smiled sweetly up at them.
"Um, well, uh, O.K., I'll let you know if there's any progress."
"O.K.," she said just as sweetly.
Greyson gave her a funny look.
Holmes hopped off the desk and headed for the door. "If that's all, then we shall return to Baker Street."
Watson and Holmes headed out the door.
"Hey! Wait, you guys!"
They turned.
Lestrade peered over the edge of the desk, down,down, down to the floor. "Could I get some help here, please?"
"Well! This is certainly an interesting turn of events. Though I must say, Inspector, I didn't expect you to stop arguing so soon." Holmes looked over, from his chair, to the two ears sticking out from a big red pillow on the couch.
"I can't arrest people, I can't driv-- oh, sorry, Holmes, did you say something? Oh, yeah, well, since I am your commanding officer I have to supervise you, and since Greyson didn't say that YOU couldn't work on Moriarty, I can just follow you around, still on vacation, while you and Watson solve the case. Of course, I 'd put in my own, always helpful bit of input, from time to time."
"Greyson won't like that," Watson observed.
"Yes, but the whole trick to this is that Greyson won't know! WILL he?" She lifted her head and 'glared' up, up, up at them.
"Don't you dare, Holmes."
"Tut, tut, when did I ev-"
"Shut up."
And there you have it, folks! Lestrade's back in her cheerful mood and everything's going smoothly. Moriarty'll come back soon; I mean really, our favorite criminal would hardly be able to stay away if he found out Holmes was a cat. (Hee hee hee, I'm looking forward to writing that part.) Now all he needs is a doberman pincher....
*Mwa ha ha!*

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