America: 22nd Century

by Kelsey (keyoma09 at
This story is for all the people that died in the World Trade Center,the Pentagon,and the airplanes that crashed on Tuesday. Also to those in America, may God bless you all!

Chapter One:

Lost...But almost never found

The wind was strong that day in New London, and cold. Cassie had the strange feeling for the past week that something bad may happen. Cassie stayed in her room for the longest time.
"Holmes, do you think you should take a look at her? She has been up there for far too long," said Watson, feeling worried that Cassie might be sick or scared.
"You're right, Watson. Maybe I should," said Sherlock. So he opened the door to Cassie's room. "Are you okay, Cassie?" he asked.
"Yes...but worried," Cassie said as her voice was in fear.
"Worried about what?" her father asked. "About your mother, me, Watson, or...." said Sherlock, trailing off.
"Tie," said Cassie, the same way as before.
"Come on, Cassie, you should have something to eat. Maybe you will feel better." So Sherlock took Cassie by the hand downstairs. "Cassie, Tie will be fine...Oh, yeah, he told me he was going to New York in two days. That would be fun!" said Sherlock, trying to get Cassie back to her happy self...but it didn't work.
"Father, I heard that something bad happened there 104 years ago. Is that true?" Cassie asked.
"Very true.... An airplane hit the World Trade Center, then another hit the Pentagon, then another hit the second tower of the WTC," he explained.
"Do you think it will happen again?" said Cassie in fear.
"So this is what you're worried about. Tie will not crash, Cassie, you know that," said her father.
Sherlock went over to Watson, and they both looked at Cassie. "Holmes, Cassie still looks sad," said Watson.
"Maybe Tie will cheer her up. He always does," said Sherlock. So Sherlock called Tie and asked him to come up; so he did.
Tie came to the house and open the door. "Hi, everybody! So where's Cassie?" Tie asked. Sherlock pointed at the table and there Tie saw Cassie. "What's wrong? Please tell me," Tie asked sweetly
"I have a feeling that you will crash on that airfloater, Tie... into the World Trade Center," said cassie like she was crying.
"Don't worry, Cassie, nothing will happen. I promise," said Tie. So Tie went over to Cassie and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the forehead. "I love you, Cassie, and will never leave you," said Tie sweetly.
"I love you too, Tie," said Cassie.
"That's the Cassie I like to see," said Sherlock.

Day 2:

"I have to go now, Cassie...but I swear I will come back in two weeks," Tie said to Cassie.
"Just come back alive, Tie," Cassie said, again in fear.
"Don't worry, Cassie. I will," said Tie. "I have to go now. I love you, Cassie... Bye," said Tie, running to the gate.
"Bye," said Cassie slowly.
Sherlock came to pick up his daughter. "Come on, Cassie, we have to go." So Cassie got in the hovercraft and started off home.
"Father, do you think Tie will be okay?" she asked.
"Yes, Cassie. As Tie said, he will be back. He loves you a lot! He would never let you down!" said Sherlock.
"I guess you're right, Father," said Cassie.
"I am always right," mumbled Sherlock to himself.
"What did ya say?" asked Cassie.
"Oh...nothing," said Sherlock.

Day Three:

Tie was almost at the airfloater port in New York till he saw he was doing a U-turn."What's going on? We're turning around and we are getting lower," said Tie, worried.
New London air tracker base:
"Sir, come take a look at this!" said some guy named Bob.
"What is it?" said Wiggins.
"These airfloaters are turning around to the same direction," said Bob.
"Call Sherlock Holmes A.S.A.P.," said Wiggins.
So Sherlock got the call and got there straight away. "What's going on here?" Sherlock asked.
"These planes, they're turning around the other way...back to New York,"said Bob.
"Name the aircraft, please," Sherlock asked.
"American Airlines Flight 228 767, United Airlines Flight 76 767, and American Airlines Flight #346 767."said Bob.
"Wait, that's Tie's flight!" said Sherlock. "If Cassie knows about this, she will kill me for not telling her soon enough," said Sherlock. Sherlock went home to see if Cassie knew or not about Tie. "Finally I am...oh, no!" said Sherlock, worried.
"You knew this would happen, didn't you!?" said Cassie, really upset.
"Cassie, come back...oh, Cassie, what have I done? I knew I should've called...the phone's ringing," said Sherlock.
"I got it," said Cassie. "Hello?"
"Cassie is this you?" said Tie.
"Tie! are you okay? Please tell me you're o.k!" said Cassie, very scared.
"I am fine for now...but listen to me. Whatever happens, I will always love you, Ca...."
"Tie? Tie? Hello? Come on, stop playing jokes on me...Tie?" Cassie said, crying.
"Beep beep beep beep...." went the phone.
"No, this can't be happening...Tie!" said Cassie, crying. Cassie ran to her room, slammed the door and dug her face into the pillow and started to cry.
"Poor Cassie. I hope she gets better soon," said Sherlock.
"Why, Tie...Why? and I didn't mean to yell at my father, either....but why Tie?" said Cassie, still crying. "That's it. I am going to New York myself to find him and noone is stopping me!" said Cassie, still a little upset.
So she packs a bag and goes downstairs. "Father, I am going to New York to find Tie," said Cassie.
"But will get hurt! Cassie," said Sherlock in fear,
"I will come back, Father; you know I will!" said Cassie.
"Please come back alive, okay, Cassie?" said Sherlock
"Yes, Father, I will...Bye. I love you!" and off Cassie went.
"Perfect. She fell for the trap to save her true son!" said Moriarty. Moriarty's plan was working. He knew Cassie would try to save Tie...his son. "When she gets there Tie will be dead and her father not knowing anything. I will kill her for once and for all by strapping her in a airfloater and crashing her into the second World Trade Center!" said Moriarty in an evil voice. "Let's go, Fenwick," he said.

2 days later:

Cassie finally got to New York (by flying allegedly into the borders) and landed on a street close to where Tie crashed. She ran to the WTC and then it happened; it started to fall straight down to the ground. Cassie tried to run but she couldn't stop thinking about Tie and how he was on the plane! So she went behind a car to save herself from the debris that was falling.
"Oh, Tie, please be alive, PLEASE!" Cassie said, praying to God. Then the smoke finally cleared up and she ran to the building and saw many people. Half were dead. "I hope Tie isn't dead!" Cassie said, still trying to search for Tie.
"Ah, Cassie, how nice to see you here!" said Moriarty.
"Moriarty!" said Cassie.
"I will make you a deal. If I find Tie first, you have to do whatever I want to do to you, and if you find him I will go to jail. Deal?" asked Moriarty.
"Deal!"said Cassie. She tried and tried but still no sign of Tie.
"Come on, Tie, where are you?" said Cassie. "Right here," said Moriarty.
"What!?" said Cassie.
"I win.. you lose, Holmes!" Moriarty said. "Get her, Fenwick, and tie her up!" ordered Moriarty.
"Let her go!" yelled Tie.
"You will be the next one on my list, son!" said Moriarty.
"What are going to do with her?!" asked Tie.
"Kill her, of course, and you are watching every part of it!" said Moriarty.
"No, not Cassie!" said Tie.
"Tie, help!" yelled Cassie.
"Don't worry. I will save you, Cassie!" said Tie in fear.

30 min later:

Cassie was in the airfloater just ready to be killed. "Fimally I got her in my grasp," said Moriarty in an evil voice.
"I have to do something to save her, but what?" said Tie.
"We're ready in !0,9,8,7,6,5......what's going on!" said Moriarty.
"Cassie, are you o.k?" asked Tie.
"Yes, Tie, I am," said Cassie happily
"I have Cassie now and you are not going to get her, not while I'm around," said Tie.
"Yah, he's right!"
"Father!" Cassie said.
"Stay with Tie. I will deal with this!" said Sherlock. So Cassie and Tie ran and stared at Sherlock.
"Your father did it! He saved America!" said Tie.
"Way to go, Father!" said Cassie.
Then George Bush (frozen for many years) came up to Cassie. "You, Cassie, saved America from Moriarty with your love for Tie. You made us more happy than before. We thank you and your father," said George Bush.
"Cassie," Tie said.
"Yes, Tie," said Cassie.
"I love you, and I mean I love you, and I am sorry for scaring you like that!" said Tie, crying.
"If it wasn't for you, I would've been dead. You saved my life, Tie," said Cassie, also crying. Tie put his arms around her and Cassie did the same. Staring into one another's eyes, they saw they meant a lot to one another. "Tie, you were lost...but almost never found. I'm happy you were found," said Cassie.
Tie hugged Cassie closer toward him and lowered his head more closely to Cassie's face, shut his eyes and kissed her like he had not seen her for the longest time.
"I am glad to see Cassie and Tie back with one another again," said Sherlock.
Tie stopped kissing her. "Cassie, you will always be my true love," said Tie sweetly. "Me too, Tie, me too," said Cassie.
"We will never part again!" said Tie.
The End

"This is Tie. May God bless America for what happened on Tuesday and may our hearts bleed for you."
-- Tie Moriarty, age 13, from "Gold, Silver, and Bronze"
"Cassie here. Good luck to you all in America."
-- Cassie Holmes, age 12, from "Gold, Silver and Bronze"

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