The Adventure of the Mysterious Benefactor

Part 22

by Stacey (SST205 at
Outside, Watson scanned the sky with both his optical scanners and his internal scanner.
"How I wish Holmes would confide in me," he said to himself. "Sometimes he just seems to--"
An alarm went off inside him. Turning around, he saw a familiar car coming down to park in front of the Fayre home.
Quickly he turned on the communicator in his hand. "Holmes, she's here!"
Holmes whipped his own communicator out of his pocket, pushed the 'send' button, and answered, "Very good, Watson! Iregulars, stand your ground until the woman makes a move to leave!"
"Righto, Mister Holmes!" came Deidre's voice.
"No problem!" said Wiggins.
Tennyson looked up from his book, his heart pounding. Very soon, he would find out why Mister Holmes had wanted him to stay in the house.
At Watson's warning, Holmes moved to the door. He leaned his head against it, listening for the woman's footsteps. They came near the door quickly, then stopped. Holmes heard the envelope slide across the concrete as she put it down. Then the steps started away.
Tennyson's large blue-eyed gaze was fixed on Holmes' hand as the detective grasped the doorknob.
"Watson, Irregulars," Holmes whispered into his communicator. "Now."
Tennyson watched as Holmes opened the door and stepped out onto the porch. "Wait just a moment, madam," he called.
The boy behind him raised his hoverchair a bit so that he could see over Mister Holmes' shoulder. The woman paused a few steps from the porch, then made for the gate.
Watson and Deidre's voices came to Tennyson's ears.
"Madam--Miss--please wait!"
"Yes, please, we only want to know something!"
Tennyson got up the nerve to start moving toward the door. What if something went wrong? What if....
As he moved closer to the door, he caught a glimpse of Wiggins hurrying across the street. By the time Tennyson reached the door, Wiggins was standing at the gate. Watson was at one side of the path to the door, and Deidre on the other. Mister Holmes had moved to the bottom of the steps. The woman stood still in the center of the path, looking one way and then the other. There was no means of escape.
Holmes spoke then. "Madam, don't you think this has gone on long enough?"
He took a step forward. "Personally--" he glanced over his shoulder at Tennyson--"I believe it's about time you revealed yourself to your son -- Mrs. Fayre."

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