The Adventure of the Mysterious Benefactor

Part 21

by Stacey (SST205 at
Outside, the compudroid and the two Irregulars went where they'd been told. Watson turned at the bottom of the front steps and headed for the back of the house. Deidre went the opposite direction and made her way to the back of the house next door. Wiggins sauntered down the path, out the gate and across the street.
"I wonder why Mister Holmes wanted Tennyson to stay inside? Poor li'l guy--he likes a good case as much as the rest of us." The boy made it across the street, went around the corner of the house, and looked at the sky. "Well, Mister Holmes has his reasons...."
Across the street, Deidre seated herself behind the house next to Miss Fayre's. She thought, "Why on earth would Mister Holmes want Tennyson to stay inside and not us? Is he trying to protect him? No, that's silly -- Tennyson goes with us almost everywhere, and Mister Holmes knows it. Tennyson's been in some pretty tight spots with us, too."
She thought a moment more, then gazed at the house a few meters away, where Watson stood monitoring the sky. She looked skyward herself. "Well, Lord, You know why Mister Holmes does what he does. Whatever it is, it'll work out for good as long as You're in charge...." She began to scan the sky in earnest. "....So I'd just better leave it up to You."
Inside the Fayre home, Holmes had borrowed the stool upon which Miss Fayre sat when she spoke to her nephew, and was sitting by the window scanning the sky himself.
Tennyson sat in the center of the room, reading off of his computer screen one of the few "books" he'd gotten out of the Laser Disc Library. He normally stayed away from there; when he went everyone, including the librarian, gave him looks of disdain. The librarian particularly couldn't stand the sight of him because he separated discs from their assigned laptops before checking them out. He had his own onboard computer, so why bother with checking out a laptop? Besides, he reasoned, what if, while he had a disc checked out, one of the laptops was damaged and they needed an extra one?--BOOM--there would be the one he'd left behind!
At any rate, he had been reading a series of old science journals, and the Archival library's collection was missing a volume, so....
He looked up at the detective in the room with him, who hadn't made a sound since he'd seated himself by the window and kept his gaze trained. Tennyson could barely stand the silence, much less the thought of not being able to help with the lookout.
Holmes turned slowly to Tennyson. "Yes, my boy?"
Holmes grinned gently. "Tennyson, I apologize -- I know it's killing you not to be with the other Irregulars, but you must trust me -- it's for your own good."
The boy tilited his head and his brows drew together.
"If my suspicions are correct --" Holmes sighed. "If my suspicions are correct, it will be worth the wait."
He turned back to the window. If. It was a word he rarely used to use when related to his suspicions. This was not nineteenth century London, however -- it was twenty-second century New London, and he had learned that there were many things he could not be sure of.
"Certainly You have used this experience to humble me, Lord," he murmured, looking skyward, "but please, don't let me be wrong about this."

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