The Adventure of the Mysterious Benefactor

Part 16

by Stacey (SST205 at
"She's a beautiful woman."
Fayre beamed with pride."My wife. Soon we'll have been married sixteen years."
Holmes took his eyes off the picture."Ah--I observed that you have some employees who appear quite young. Is there a reason for that?"
The CEO's chest swelled a bit."I like to give our youth a chance. There are many bright kids coming out of our colleges and even high schools. I have a team that checks out their grades, et cetera, and on graduation day are there to offer them jobs."
"How very admirable of you." Holmes said, trying to hide the disdain in his voice. Watson continued to be silent.
Holmes continued, "I have three young people who assist me on cases now and again."
Fayre's blond brows shot up."Really?"
"Yes," Holmes said with a casual air, appearing to study his hands. Next to him, the hint of a smile appeared on Watson's face.
"Wiggins is an ex-boxer and soccer player, the latter of which he had to give up because of injury. Deidre is a typical fashion-conscious young lady--a bit impetuous at times, but with a good head on her shoulders nonetheless; and then--" Holmes looked his host in the eye-- "--the third is a rather unique young man--the youngest of the three. He is very adept at using computers. There was one case--what was it you called it, Watson?--The Adventure of the Dancing Men--in which his skills were quite valuable."
Ashton Fayre looked intrigued."Adept at computers, eh? We can always use that type here. What's the lad's name?"
Holmes looked up at him and blinked slowly."His name is Tennyson--Tennyson Fayre."
The CEO's face went white as a sheet, then only seconds later bright red. He leaned forward in his chair, then stood up, clenched fists on the desk."Did my sister put you up to this?" he asked in a voice that was more like a growl.
"No." the detective answered calmly."All I asked of your sister was your place of business. I came because I care very much about your son, who desperately wants his father to accept him."
"The boy is a misfit !" Fayre was seething now."He's a freak, and I'll never forgive him for defying me!"
"The way I understand it, it was a simple request." Holmes commented.
"A simple request to ruin my life !" Fayre fumed. "What if I had granted it and allowed that----to stay in my house?! Surely people would have found out--I can hear them now--'There goes Ashton Fayre, one of the wealthiest men in New London and father of its only freak!"
"You seem very concerned about your own image, Mister Fayre." Holmes said. "Perhaps you should never have become a father, and therefore have become responsible for someone else's."
The man before him turned an even darker shade of red, and one of his clenched fists raised an inch or two above the desk.
"Good day, Mister Fayre."
Holmes touched the brim of his deerstalker, turned and walked gingerly across the rug. He opened the door and went out, Watson following and shutting the door behind them.

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