The Adventure of the Mysterious Benefactor

Part 13

by Stacey (SST205 at
"Another one?" Miss Fayre said in a surprised tone as she took the envelope. "Why, that's the second time this month!"
"Beg pardon, miss?"
"These envelopes have come sporadically for a little less than a year now," Miss Fayre explained as she gently tore the seal open. Removing its contents, her eyes widened and Holmes felt the urge to reach out his hands again. "Another fifty-pound note!" she cried, turning her eyes skyward. "Thank You, Lord."
"You say these have been coming for a little less than a year?"
"Yes, Mister Holmes." the woman answered, smiling and slipping the note back into the envelope. "I never know how much money it will be, nor when exactly they will come, but they are most helpful."
"I'm sure." Holmes said. He pinched his lower lip in a moment of thought, then asked, "You have no idea who your benefactor is?"
"No, sir."
"Mm-hm. Well, thak you for the information, miss."
"Thank you so much for stopping in, sir. Please come again."
"Most certainly, Miss Fayre."
After touching the brim of his cap and leaving the yard, Holmes headed back to Baker Street. He went over the information he had received that day in his mind.
"Ashton Fayre, sadly, hates his son. Miss Fayre indicated that she was the last person he wanted to see. The envelopes of money have been coming for a little over a year--it is highly unlikely that he has anything to do with them. The envelopes were printed on a computer, not hand-written. Whoever is sending them wishes to remain as anonymous as possible."
Before he knew it, he was opening the door to 221.
"Holmes, you're back!" Watson cried, getting up from the couch. "I was getting worried!"
The compudroid's roommate chuckled. It amazed him how this two hundred kilograms of metal and circutry could have been programmed to behave so much like his old friend.
"Watson, as usual, there was nothing to worry about. I simply went to speak with Tennyson's aunt Caroline."
"Really?" Watson asked, his visible eye widening.
"Yes." Holmes answered, removing his cap and Inverness and lying them on the couch. "She relayed to me that her twin brother Ashton works near Sussex--I'm sure you will be able to get us more detailed directions, won't you? When you do, we shall go and pay a visit to Mister Ashton Fayre."

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