Too Much, Too Fast

Part 1

by D.E. Lewis (Sherlockian221 at
Yes, I know, I really should finish my other fic before starting a new one, but I need to write this before I forget. This is actually a crossover of a show called "X-Men: Evolution" where all the X-Men except Prof. Xavier, Wolverine, and Storm are teens. The only change I made to the Institute is that it is now in New London, just so I don't move Holmes any....

Inspector Lestrade's flat

Lestrade woke up with a pounding headache.
"You knew this would happen. Up all night, and you are gonna regret it. Beth, you are an idiot at times." She took some aspirin, and went to work.

Xavier Institute for Exceptionally Gifted Youngsters

Cerebro was going off.
"New mutant signal. Name: Inspector Elizabeth Lestrade."
Shadow looked over the Professor's shoulder. Shadow was what they all knew him as. He was covered in a black cloak, and usually nothing but his glowing white eyes were visible.
"A new one?"
"Yes, Shadow. Although she might not know it yet. When she does, though, she will be frightened."
"I would guess you won't send me."
"Yes. I don't really mean to be rude, but you aren't exactly the person she'll want to see. I'm sending Ororo and Logan."
"Ororo I understand, but Logan? Wolverine? He does more to scare people into Magneto than anyone else."
"He's her karate instructor."
Shadow nodded in assent. He checked out the mutant classification. "Winter upgraded Cerebro with her X-Gene studies, didn't she."
"Yes. This woman is classified as a Rogue."
"Ask Winter. She understands better than I do."

New Scotland Yard

Lestrade's headache was still there. She was soon called out on duty. "Drat. Just work through it." Soon, though, she found herself chasing a man through the streets on foot. "Stop! New Scotland Yard!" Her headache was getting worse. Unbearable, even. She fell to her knees, and heard a sound. A high-pitched squeal that managed to blow up the wall in front of the man. Then there was blackness.

The Institute living room

Winter was addressing Wolverine, Storm -- and Shadow, just because he was curious. "In the late twentieth to early twenty-first century, I wouldn't have been able to find this. A Rogue is any mutant with the ability to steal lifeforce or scramble sensors, since both originate from the same form of gene. Often, these powers can be the hardest to control, and have terrible side effects on the mutants nearby. Does that explain your question?"
"In English, please?" Wolverine said sarcastically.
"The woman can send out high-frequency sound waves. Watch your butt."
Shadow snickered. Wolverine sent him a hate-stare. He shut up.
Meanwhile, Tennyson had been peeking in the whole time. He didn't know who they were talking about. There was just a new mutant. That was all he knew.

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