X'D Out

Tune: "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" by John Lennon
New Lyrics Copyright 1995 by Martha Todd-Prather

Here I stand, files in hand,
With my back to the wall.
Evidence now makes sense;
I don't trust them at all.
If the bad guys realize
What I found in their warehouse
Bet your head, I'll be dead;
They've got money and power.
Hey! If you would live another day;
Hey! You've got to hide yourself away.

If it's true they're after you,
It's not paranoia.
When the bad guys organize,
They'll do more than annoy ya.
Here I stand, head in hand,
All my plans now are wrecked.
Pass it on, when I'm gone,
Watch your step or you're next.
Hey! You've got to hide the truth away.
Hey! The truth is out there...AAAAACCCCKKKK!!!

Posted by permission of Martha Todd-Prather.

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