Stand in the Office

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 5/21/98
Music: ttto "Walk in the Ocean", Toad the Wet Sprocket
(If you don't know this tune, you can download a MIDI from CoilaX.

I spotted the X-Files in the basement one day;
The one who was with me, she went far away.
Then Scully, she told me we needed hard proof --
Spent half of our lives here. We burned all our youth.

Stand in the office.
Wade through the files.
Lives turned to ashes,
Ashes in piles.

The folks up in SciCrimes send people downstairs.
The pyros are angry but we're in despair.
Now, this strikes at the Bureau, and they stand by their own --
They don't understand this. We still stand alone.



I breathe in the X-Files. The smell makes me choke.
They're shutting us down now; one last bitter joke.
Not even the poster.... As ashes grow cold,
I turn to my partner, my life in her hold.