At the End of the World

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 6/23/98
Music: "The South Wind", Irish Trad.
I got this MIDI from The Wild Dismay Tunes page. Sounds like a good Celtic band; and they're certainly public-spirited!
Insp: The X-Files movie, of course!

I am holding you now at the end of the world
As one part of our quest meets its end;
And I find new beginnings in all I have seen
And new facts (not beliefs) to defend.
I saw it. What was it? For now, it's unknown;
But I won't rest until I can say
I've found proof of the truth that the world can be shown
And we're safe from the threat found today.

We are climbing a ridge at the end of the world
And we lean on each other to climb;
For we each are too weak now to make it alone,
But together, we're making good time.
And if I feel you stumble, I won't let you fall;
And I know that you'll always catch me.
And we'll make it together, or never at all;
So I'd say we're already home free.

We are on the same page at the end of the world,
But we'd die here if we tried to stay.
Though we'll lose this strange closeness back home in the world,
Both our memories will file this away.
So whatever may happen, wherever we go,
Each knows one on whom each can depend;
Whom we'd follow, God knows, to the end of the world --
And together, go on past the end.

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