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"Zapadnii Predel" (Western Boundary) CD
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Cover art: Front and Back

This isn't as strange as it seems; the disk was recorded this way in the studio (at Khavskoi, May 7, 1999). Therefore the quality already is not so bad as on "Angel".

In the song "Poedinok Finroda s Sauronom" the part of Sauron is performed by Natalya Vasil'yeva.

Illustrations on the cover - by the songwriter; CD printing - by the webmistress, under the sensitive guidance of the songwriter :).

Many songs on this disk and the other can be seen on the pages of the Notebook.


(c) 2000 Lora Bocharova

CD track list from front of CD:

1. Traktat o pol'ze drevesini
Treatise on the use of wood

2. Kolibel'naya v Loriene
Lullabye in Lorien

3. Vladika vetra

4. Aria Finroda Felagunda
Finrod Felagund aria

5. Ballada Galadrieli
The Ballad of Galadriel

6. Aragorn

7. Pogrebal'nikh kostrov
Funeral Pyre

8. Ballada o Kol'tse
Ballad of the Ring

9. Poedinok Finroda s Sauronom
Finrod's Duel with Sauron

10. Plach oruzhenostsa Finrod
po svoemu gospodinu
Finrod weeping over the weapons
of his master

11. Osennee vino
Autumn wine

12. Final Tridtsatiletnei Voini
The end of the Thirty Year War

13. Vtoraya pesn' osvobozhdeniya
Second song of liberation

14. Verdikt o trubochnom zel'e
Verdict of the pipe poison

Derevyannaya moya smert'
my wood's death

El'fiiskie slezi No. 1
elven lament no. 1

El'fiiskie slezi No. 2
elven lament no. 2

El'fiiskie slezi No. 3
elven lament no. 3

El'fiiskie slezi No. 4
Elven lament no. 4

Korol' mertvikh
dead king

Slezi chelovech'i
lament for a man

Slezi vsevo Sredizem'ya
lament for all Middle-Earth

Vitva Sveta s Razumom
braid of Light in Reason

El'fiiskie slezi No. 5
elven lament no. 5

Vitie valeti
living jacks


covered wagon

Sitaretni krizis 1990
1990 sitaretni crisis

The Western Unbound

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