Song titles are transliterated; translated titles are in italics. Translated lyrics are available if the translated titles are linked. All mistakes are mine; all the originals belong to the Russian filkers.

The MP3 Basement

We present something for listening to us for these years. From our videotapes a variety of songs either scattered around our videotapes - on the tapes with games - or collected on a whole tape called "Zilantcon Concerts 95..96..97..98..99".

But now to listen to it - do you hear the wonderful singing? To this little glade, in which you are caught, around the bushes sit various minstrels, ready to indulge you with their singing.

It must be acknowledged, that by the selection of these somethings we oriented ourselves in the main by our own tastes - that way there's not ___ among them... The sound is heard in MP3. Here or here (ZIP, 177K) you can download players - if you don't have one yet... All files provided in 32K/s 22K GTs mono (real quality recorded higher than even on the original VHS). And consider this, that the sound was recorded by an implant on the camera, therefore out of frame one inevitably hears conversations, squeaking doors, jingling swords, groans of the wounded, volcanoes flowing zdravura...

For the moment I haven't collected song lyrics - it's laziness ;) If someone wishes to find them -- I'll be thankful.


Not quite new A. Sviridov,    

or 10 songs, sung by the Byzantine ex-emperor in Fangorn-on-the-Volga after ______ the Paradise melee.
Commentary in italics by that same A. Sviridov.

    Pro prividennii (About the spectre) (598K)
    Vechernii motiv (Evening tune) (267K)
    Mama, ya tormoz (Mama, I'm braking) This song's not mine, I heard it at Arbat. Possibly its author is German Gelovani, but it might not be. (505K)
    Povod'ya Moevo Konya (Leading My Horse) Formerly called "Posvyatsennie Okhotnitse" (Dedicated to Hunting) (398K)
    Pro devushku c zelenimi ushami (Of a young woman with green ears) Songwriter - German Gelovani. Incidentally, this is also the guy who's the author of the verses for a certain song "Volosatovo Stekla" (Hairy Glass). (487K)
    Mganga This song's from the group "Bam-Tram", songwriter - Andrei Zotov; however he might even lay it down, since he's in Bam-Tram and I participated. (721K)
    Pro Gendalfov (Of Gandalf) It's about tying up what might be called "Slishkom Mnogo Volshebnikov" (Too Many Magicians) (243K)
    Pro Volkolakov (Of the Vampire) (654K)
    A umeesh' li tih letat'... (Do you know how to fly...) (401K)
    Sredizemskie chastushki (Midland Couplets) (298K)
    Sonnii Ritsar-2 (Sleeping Knight II) Song recorded at Zilantcon-97. The "original" was recorded by Rust at Zilantcon-95. (683K)

Some songs by Lora, Ezhen and Co.,       

I may not have noted that the figure Ezhen (Ezhen'd'Albi, Evgenii Susorov) is at times undeservedly lost behind Lora. I don't know to whom belongs each specific song's authorship and their exact names - and in ties long ago I cannot now find this out - therefore listen to each as it is.
In the present situation, italics still mean my commentary.
    Zvezda i smert' Feanora (The Star and Death of Feanor) The first three songs were recorded in the corridor of Zilantcon-95. There was the performance of almost a full opera under the name "The Star and Death of Feanor". And this is the finale. (474K)
    The name of this song is apparently in Quenya - not good, not good. :( (253K)
    Manve, ya Noldora lyublyu (Manwe, I love the Noldor) It happened, it happened... (298K)

The next three songs have some previous history. At Zilantcon-96 at the time of the masquerade ball, the Thieves' Guild stole Lora and demanded from Ezhen - neither more nor less - to sing to them the world in which they might be able to settle. With sorrow, I submitted the first song.
U smerti golos rebenka (Near death the child's voice) Here in this world was universal Death... (845K)
Dzhon Beksvord (John Becksword) Now in the preceding song Bacchus was simply mentioned one time... Indeed, and here are the thieves without him. I offer my apologies for the low quality sound - particularly in this half of the song... It's just that the bandits received this song very enthusiastically. (1283K)
Didli-Didli At the same event, this song was not recorded by Ezhen (which he immediately admitted). And it was called at this event "Bezum'e" (Madness). And in winter appeared the Oldnikol'erov Order (a Staronikolian order of knights). Words and music were written by the Seneschal of the above Order, Timothy Hillsboro, mundanely Dmitri Protasov of the city of Pervomaisk. (578K)
Alan McMedd This song is heard in a clearing near Paris... The game was "Conquest of Paradise". Party percussion - Lora Bocharova. (1288K)
Drakkar This song was heard again at the tavern in the LARP "Volki Odina" (Wolves of Odin). In the tavern it's always noisy... (895K)
Idol And this song is set entwined in the fabric of my game... The song is apparently new - to the extreme measure I didn't listen to it much - not before, not after. (716K)

Now, and here's a few songs,
by writer/performer friends, heard by us in various places.    

    Kosari (Mowers) As popular in these circles as this song is, its author is, unbelievably, unknown. I re-established it fairly. The song is by Andrei Kozlovskov, Kazan songwriter from the town of Bologdi. Performed by the writer, assisted by Vitaly Kharisov. Recorded at the Siberian Highway studio in Kazan. (825K)
    Nye goryui (Not grief?) Another song by this songwriter. (565K)
    Sonnii Ritsar' (Sleeping Knight)Song performed by Rust (Rustem Yakulov, Ufa), (verses by Pavla Kalmikova (Ekv), from her moving "The School of Wise Rulers; or, The History of Kinglets". Recorded at Zilantkon-95, re-recorded at Zilantcon-97 (923K)
Crusaders Song recorded at the game "Conquest of Paradise", but the author of it I don't know, and I don't recognize - both times on the videotape he sang it in the field in chainmail armor, and only his eyes and guitar are visible. Look for yourself. Who knows the songwriter? Help... (722K)
Kem bit' (By whom to be) And this song was recorded at Sibkon-98, but dedicated, again, to the game "Conquest of Paradise". The songwriter and performer, Chris (from Novosibirsk), sings heaps of first-class songs, too... Generally in Siberia he sings wholesome songs - this is probably interesting to him, what I brought out with Sibkon.... (485K)
Posvyashchenie Menestrelyam (Dedication to the Minstrels) These two songs are also from Sibkon. Her name is Pyatka (Nastya Makarova) and she sings ___ songs. Here are two - listen. (463K)
Svoboda (Freedom) Hear more from her... (731K)
Kogda idet boi (When war comes) Seldom is an alteration received well, but this is such a exception. Two more songs - by birth from Siberia (Rerik - Yuri Ermolaev, from Novosibirsk), but it was recorded at the game "Wolves of Odin" near Piter. The sound of the rain was clearly audible.

Zoloto i Stal' (Gold and Steel) A ballad from the game "Lions of Normandy"




Zov Krovi (Call of the Blood) And two songs brought from HI-97. Heledis (Khelavisa) performed it by the Freedom gate, to see off Glorfindel to the duel with Sauron. (881K)
Volk-Odinochestvo (Wolf-Loneliness) Nienna. She performed it at the time of the song duel between Sauron and Daeron, appearing in the role of the Voice of Sauron (who sits a little bit behind). (439K)
    Molitva (Prayer) Relax and soar up to the heavens (exactly - taken to the peaks). The song is quite un-actionpacked, but entirely ____. Songwriter - Sergei Korichev, of Irkutsk (a Kazan songwriter traditionally) performs in place of Yevgenii Logvinov. It was recorded also, by the way, at Siberian Highway studio. (494K)



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