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Picture captions:

Kris - songs, guitar, vocal, background vocal, chorus (7)

Shmendra - songs, guitar, vocal, background vocal

Valera Mustafin. Recording. At time 3:30.

Anna Shiryaeva, N'sk - flute

Aleksei Shiryaev, N'sk - violin

And other sexy instruments



Tim Ibatullin (Kazan) - percussion

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Road to Callanmore

Each album, recorded in the wonderful city of Kazan in the "Siberian Highway" studio inside the framework of our project FangornAudio , (traditionally?) has a previous history.

In Piter in August 1999 AD, a game was created under the name Rose and Thistle, dedicated to the revolt of Robert Bruce in 1305 AD. There went, to defend the glorious motto "Scotland from sea to sea", almost all the Scottish army in the former Soviet Union; in this number was the great Scotland-Siberia clan McCallanmore (Kemerovo-Novosibirsk-Omsk).

Here in this roundabout way, from Piter in Novosibirsk, they dropped in along the road in the studio, and on 29-30-31 August were recorded 17 songs by Chris and Shmendra (Aleksei and Anna Shiryaeva, of Novosibirsk), from which the album was made available, and called "Road to Callanmore".

8 songs on the album now are on MP3 in full-length, CD-quality, 128-44kHz-stereo. Full versions take slightly longer, but I advise listening to these songs with normal quality - they are worth it.

1. Lugnassad 4.22 4.2 MB
2. Pepel Nyu-Kastla
(Ashes of Newcastle)
4.23 (17 MB)
3. Koronakh
4. Fergus Donn i Sida
(Fergus Donn and the Sidhe)
5. Skala Eistennakht
(Rock of Eistennacht)
6.42 6.43 MB
6. Pesnya o Slavye
(Song of Glory)
7. Nyedarom s Gor Spustilis'
(No Wonder with Grief Fell)
2.25 2.25 MB
8. Zhenskaya Pesnya
(Women's Song)
9. Perepolokh v Glenn-Krekhi
(Trouble in Glen Craigie)
10. Krov'
4.16 4.16 MB
11. Stranniki
5.29 5.3 MB
12. Vei, Moi Veter
(Spin, My Wind)
4.21 4.2 MB
13. Mayatnik
4.22 4.2 MB
14. Shabash
15. Romans
16. Trostnik
17. Trassa
3.24 3.2 MB

Songs 1-10 taken from the Celtic cycle, songs 1,2,4-7,9,10 - Chris, songs 3,8,11-17 - Shmendra.

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