Song titles are transliterated; translated titles are in italics. Translated lyrics are available if the translated titles are linked. All mistakes are mine; all the originals belong to the Russian filkers.

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"Without cobblestones in pockets, without a tsar at the head...."

"...where in night's darkness the bagpipes sing of freedom..."

"...we lived like we sang, and got drunk on better songs..."

And this is Valera Mustafin.

Of course when ahead, titles wait endlessly...

"Where the wood is taller than the sky,
Where water feels like mead on the feet,
Where death is - the last victory,
And birth is - freedom,
Where sunrise is - the child of night
And sunset is - the child of light,
Where every glance is - this fount
Of understanding - and this -
This is not my homeland..."

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How Much Money (Audioproject from "Fangorn Video")

It was made like this. In Kazan at the beginning of November, two interesting events occurred. First, Zilantcon , to which all good people flocked together, at least in the central regions of Russia; and the BG concert. At this, which we enjoyed hearing, we shut up for Elfishe (Slava Ivantsov from the town of Orska, which is on the Orenburg steppes...), and - since he hasn't come to his senses yet - we dragged him into the studio (honestly, the sound of his voice is not very _____) ;) and as a result... on November 5-6, 1998, in the wonderful city of Kazan, in the studio "Siberian Tract" that nice guy Valera Mustafin recorded (good recording!) 19 songs by Elfishe (60 minutes long), from which a compact disk and audio cassette album was made called "How Much Money", which in free translation into Russian is "How Much Is Happiness These Days"....

And here is the songs' full text (sworn over by Askar, whom he individually thanks); the right of the author is not abridged - in connection with whom there is a little "lacuna".

For this CD, the opening edition (for now) was 13. ;) Here are examples of the cover-- this side and that.

But the tape is available in unlimited quantities - order it and listen.

1. «Rab Dorog» "Slave Road" (Sing along with me.) '97. 3-39 MP3 656K 24K/s 22K GTs
2. «Lorien» (My first visit to the golden wood.) '92. 2-59 MP3 1434K 64Kbps 22Khz
3. «Vse bez Somnen'ya Umrem» "All without Doubt Are Dead" (The theory of northern courage.) '97. 3-35 MP3 644K 24Kbps 22Khz
4. «Scotland» (Freedom.) '97. 3-40 MP3 3528K 128Kbps 22Khz
5. «Chaika Dzhonatan Livingston» (Jonathan Livingston Seagull) '96. 1-50 MP3 1833K 128Kbps 22Khz
6. «Angeli» (Angels) (Dedicated to N.E.T.) 1-32 MP3 277K 24Kbps 22Khz
7. «Drug Moi Laikvendi» (My friend Laiquendi) (Song not about cold iron) '95. 4-24 MP3 793K 24kbps 22Khz
8.«Lundavad» (HI-94). 4-32 MP3 2177K 64kbps 22Khz
9. «A Nam Pora Tuda» (It's Not Time for Us There) (Coda). 2-44 MP3 492K 24Kbps 22Khz
10. «How much money» (How much is happiness now?) '97. 2-35 MP3 464K 24Kbps 22Khz
11. «Pobezhali» (They Started Running) (On the double.) '98. 1-44 MP3 312K 24Kbps 22Khz
12. «Korol' Zemlyanichnikh Polei» (King of Strawberry Fields) '94. 3-37 MP3 1733K 64Kbps 22Khz
13. «Sentyabr» (September) '97. 1-52 MP3 1772K 128Kbps 22Khz
14. «U Poslednevo Berega» (On the Last Shore) (Still learning to play guitar.) '96. 3-03 MP3 528K 24Kbps 22Khz
15. «Chernii Rock-n-Roll» (Black Rock-n-Roll) '92 3-42 MP3 665K 24Kbps 22Khz
16. «Eto nye moya Rodina» (This is not my Homeland) (Rastamani - come on.) '98. 3-49 MP3 1829K 64Kbps 22Khz
17. «General» (Ah, so he reaped.) '96. 3-23 MP3 608K 24Kbps 22Khz
18. «Romashka» (Camomile) (HI-96). 2-38 MP3 475K 24Kbps 22Khz
19. «Zubih na Dorogye» (Teeth on the Road) for the '97 season. 3-49 MP3 687K 24Kbps 22Khz

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