X-Jag Land

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 10/22/97
Music: ttto that "Spiderman" theme song

X-Files land, X-Files land
Back we go into X-Files land.
When you've got Navy guys,
Who needs them FBI?
Hey JAG, let's go to X-Files land.

Triangle in the sea
Not too healthy for you and me.
Where's our plane? Where's its nukes?
Maybe Mulder's not just a kook.
Hey JAG, let's go to X-Files land.

At the speed of Mach, accident or a crime
Work against the clock, hope you solve this in time

X-Files land, X-Files land.
(Friendly neighborhood, X-Files land.)
Real ghosts, fake UFOs --
What's the truth? Damfino.
Hey JAG...
                    Whenever you're a JAGster...
                    Whose Tomcat was his dragster...
                    You might find X-Files land!