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I have a reputation in the filking community for writing dark, sad songs. Little do they know that on the JAG fanfic list, I have a reputation for writing the mushy stuff! I must confess that I'm a Harm/Mac shipper --  a person who wants to see Harmon Rabb and Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie to get together. Soooo, not all of these songs reality-based...though as of "Death Watch", they're realer than they were!

Updated 7/23/01

Character Songs:

All Quiet. Chegwidden during "Embassy".

All the Ghosts: Mac starts dating Dalton Lowne, and Harm starts worrying about the future of their partnership. Based on "Vanished".

Biplane: While Harm was on leave after his Tomcat crashed "on a storm-tossed carrier deck at night", he rebuilt a Stearman biplane. Based on conversation from "Full Engagement".

Bye, Mic: What I think Mac should do about Mic.

The Fighting Barristers: Harm and his buddy Krylov go to Chechnya.

The Game (Clay's Calypso): A few words from Clayton Webb. You gotta feel sorry for the guy....

Harmon Rabb Made Me Filk This: Harm during his second stint as a fighter pilot. Shippy.

Horizon: A song about Harmon Rabb, Sr.

I've Lost Her: Harm after that little trip to Sydney. Shippy, o'course.

Never Mine, or Sympathy for the Date Boy. I'll feel sorry for anybody!

O Harmon Rabb: A serious JAG Christmas song. I have no life.

She Came to Me: Harm's thoughts about the end of "Death Watch". Very very shippy!

Wishes: Harm and Mac duet, based on their conversation in "Father's Day". Contains shipper stuff.

X-JAG Land: based on that ep where Harm and Bud go hunting a downed pilot and some UFOs.

You're in Love: Mac's thoughts during and after "People v Rabb". Contains shipper stuff.

Fanfic Songs:

Bethesda Hospital: Based on JAGClaire's story. Heh, heh.

Devil Puppy: What if Mac had a baby? Inspired by comments on Maeve's message board. Non-shipper safe.

In a Garden: Based on Kathleen Klatte's fanfic series A Walk in the Garden, which you can read at Ex Libris. Mac's song about her life with Harm. Contains shipper stuff.

Sweet Rowan: Based on Win Day's fanfic series Suite Rowan which you can read at Ex Libris). Harm's song about Rowan Mallory.

Fan Songs:

Call Her Al: A fragment.

Girls, We Really Want Harm: why so many women on the JAG discussion list drool over the character.

Hint of Connection: a musical essay on why we shippers do what we do.

Two songs for the cast and crew of JAG: Have I Told You Lately and The Show You Started.

I also wrote the school song for the Cyber Institute of JAGology (now just a fond memory, alas).

Finally, a small collection of JAG fanfic disclaimer songs. And that doesn't work, I know some filkers who are lawyers. ;)

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