All the Ghosts

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, 12/7/97
Spoilers: 3rd season....
Insp: "Vanished" (and I've been working on it that long!
I couldn't believe it when Cheg said something similar
to my refrain in "Impact".)

I've lost too many people
Moved away or murdered, lost in war.
I don't want to lose another partner.
If I do, I want to know what for.
If there's problems, maybe we can fix them.
But already you seem far away.
Mem'ry's all I have for some friends' voices.
I would rather hear you here, today.

All the ghosts that haunt my days --
All the faces and the names
Of the places and the people I won't ever see again.
Won't you tell me what to say
To convince you you should stay
And not go to join the ghosts that haunt my days?

You were always someone unexpected.
Hidden fires dance behind your eyes.
Times you've told me things about your childhood --
Hope and horror in your family ties.
Is this love, or is it only hunger
To be free of some old ghost you fear?
All I know is, partner and opponent,
I'd miss watching each new face appear.

Both of us have dreams we want to follow,
And they aren't so different, to my mind.
Do we have to separate to chase them?
Do you have to leave your friends behind?
Sometimes I think when we hunt together
We're twice as effective as alone.
It's a shame to fly through storms and danger
Just to crash and burn this close to home.